4 months ago

In recent years, car jump starter is a kind of car supplies which have been sold more recently. Its main function is to help us start the car when the car has no electricity, loss of electricity, or other reasons. In addition to starting the car, it can also provide a power supply for our mobile phones, notebooks and other products. But because a lot of friends are the first contact portable car jump starter, so in the purchase, do not know what to pay attention to the first use of car emergency start power supply. For this reason, we will introduce the use of car jump starter to pay attention to the following matters:

  1. the internal resistance of the USB line used by the car jump starter can not be too large. Otherwise, the USB line beyond the normal standard may cause the long time of the charging of the car jump starter of the car or even the charge. And in use, try not to use the car jump starter in a dusty and humid environment.

  2. understand the efficiency conversion rate of the product before using the car jump starter. Generally speaking, the conversion rate of a good car jump starter is around 80~85%. If the efficiency conversion rate is less than 80%, it means that the line loss of the car jump starter is larger and the core itself has a large calorific value. So the core is also the focus of our special attention.

  3. before the use of car jump starter, it is necessary to choose a suitable switch head, the best choice of the manufacturer is equipped with the transfer head, otherwise there will be a phenomenon that can not be charged. Because the charge is charged through the USB connection line to the digital device, one end of the USB interface is connected to the mobile power supply and the other end connects with the digital device, so the interface of the other end must be consistent with the interface of the digital device, otherwise the phenomenon of no charging will appear.

  4. after the purchase of the car jump starter power bank, there will be more or less electricity in it. Therefore, when the first use of the car jump starter starts, the power supply in the emergency starting power of the vehicle should be put to use before being recharged.

Warm reminder: when the first use of car jump starter, we need to pay attention to the above four points, can effectively ensure the normal use of car jump starter. Moreover, attention to the above matters when used is of great help to extend the service life of the car jump starter.

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