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Many people realize the importance of the dash cam and prepare to install a dash cam, but they also have a lot of question about the dash cam. I can’t explain to you all at once. So only a day to explain a knowledge. Today, I will share with you whether the buried wiring of the dash cam affects the car battery.

It is well known that the dash cam built-in battery, but only can use half hours so that it must be powered by car battery. As result, many friends will worry that the use of the dash cam will affect the life of the battery.

Fist, I want to tell you that the 4k dash cam power consumption is very small, the power of the dash cam is within 10W, the damage to the battery is also minimal

Some people would like to let the dash cam work 24 hours, which has a little influence on the battery. So how does it reduce the damage to the battery? So we should choose some real brand of the dash cam. the poor quality of the dash cam not only consumes more electricity, the voltage may not be very stable, the damage to the battery is also relatively large.

And many friends have some doubt whether the hidden dash cam should be installed from the cigarette lighter or go on buried wiring.

Actually, both have no influence. It is convenient to contact cigarette lighter, it only directly insets the cigarette lighter to use, but the disadvantage is not beautiful. If you want to go on buried wiring, although it looks beautiful, the dash cam is in the power supply for a long time, and the installation is troublesome. If you want to go buried wiring, it is recommended to find a professional master to install.

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The lens is the eye of the dash cam, the quality of the lens determine the quality, color, definition night vision effect of the image, so what kind of lens does the dash cam use?

The dash cam lens is usually made of two materials, one is glass, anther is resin.

Among them, glass lens has good transmittance, high sensitivity to capture images in dark light, and can obtain better shooting effect at night. Therefore, the glass lens is the best choice for highly sensitive night vision dash cam.

The glass lens is well-adapted and is not easily deformed at high and low temperature, but the resin lens is cheap, the short-term transmittance doesn’t see the difference, but the high-temperature exposure may deform discolored. The resistance temperature difference is poor.

In particular, the dual dash cam should be attached directly to the surface of the car, it will face the summer high temperature of more than 70°scorched and winter below -35°, therefore, you best choose the well-adapted full glass lens, and it is not easy to deform at high and low temperature

In addition, in order to improve the angle and night vision and so on, the lens should use the multi-layer lens. Generally speaking, the more the number of lens layer, the better the performance of the lens, but the multi-layer lens also increase its thickness and reduce the overall transmittance.

But if the glass lens is used, the thickness can be thinner, so the more layers the lens is better optical performance.

Nowadays, many cheap fake dash cam promoted that it used the glass lens, actually, it uses the more cheap resin lens, but the consumer doesn’t distinguish.

Therefore, when buying the best dash cam, you can directly distinguish the material and quality of the lens, so it is recommended to choose AZDOME and another big brand with reputation, quality, and guarantee.

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Intelligent rear-view dash cam is widely used by more people, especially the rapid development of the internet, which has arisen a lot of intelligent product, and the single-function car automobile navigation product have been upgraded multi-function product, such as e-dogs, GPS and so on. This popular product is the intelligent rear-view dash cam.

Intelligent rear-view dash cam not only has more accurate navigation function, timing repair, man-machine voice, music playing and so on. However, recently more user reported that the dash cam can not perfectly fit the intelligent rear-view dash cam, and also appear shaking.

Here are some ways to solve shaking. Let’s take a look:
1、Check for intelligent rear-view dash cam instability
If the rear-view appears instability, after installing a rear-view dash cam, the weigh becomes larger, so it is easy to appear resonance problem, which leads to the user mistaken that the rear-view dash cam appears shaking.

Only a small test, you can detect whether the resonance between the dual dash cam and the rear-view dash cam cause shaking by the instability of the rear-view dash cam.

Using a tie with a string a few centimeters, tie it to the rear-view dash cam. And then press the string down with your fingers, the tie will noise. So you touch the glass and the ceiling with your hand if you feel the shaking. It shows that the rear-view dash mirror will be shaking, you can be fixed the rear-view dash cam.

2、An improved method for preventing shaking of the intelligent rear-view dash cam
Fist, remove the original intelligent hidden dash cam from the front windshield, then force the pedestal and legs apart with your hands. Then put a small hardness piece of paper in the ball shaft to increase friction so that the rear-view dash cam can support more weight and install the rear-view dash cam to avoid shaking.

3、Check for complete fit
In solving the shaking, first check whether the dash cam is completely fit the rear-view dash cam, if not fixed, there will be shaking in the driving, so it is important to check the fitting part.ensure that the two complete fit, you can solve this problem.

4、The solution for the female
If you are not too familiar car repair or a female, some friends say that using 502 glue to stick is not good, because it is not convenient to replace. So you can add a layer of foam or cut a piece of abandoned mouse pad and add between rear-view and dash cam to play an effective role in buffering to prevent shaking.

I hope through above four methods that drivers can solve the problem according to the above solution when you encountered the rear-view dash cam shaking.

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We all know that automotive suppliers are a very popular industry, with the increasing number of private cars, the variety of automotive suppliers are beginning popular, among which the dash cam is growth. Many of them also see this business opportunity, have started to start the dash cam commission agent.

First of all, let's understand what the dash cam commission is ?the dash cam commission is a factory that can provide wholesale services or wholesale goods to shopkeepers and reach an agreement with shopkeepers who want to sell dual lens dash cam directly to provide them with data such as commodity pictures rather than physical objects. And to sell on behalf of the price to the online store agent commission. 

Dash cam commission agent to the factory provided by the product pictures and other data on their own online store to sell, after the sale of goods to notify the factory on behalf of the delivery.Among them, Baiyue is a 20-year dash cam factory that sells goods for JingDong, Amazon and many Taobao.

The dash cam commission for someone want to open stores, but no funds of the primary sellers, is undoubtedly the best way to invest, almost zero cost to start a business.And the whole commission process is also relatively simple, no headache purchase, procurement, and other problems, there is no risk of hoarding goods, if their own goods re-commission, but also afraid of commodity hoarding.So many 4k dash cam salesmen use this way to run their online stores.

The dash cam commission only needs to upload the product data provided by the factory to their own online store and sell, receive customers, and do a good shopping guide service can be. commission of dash cam does not need to own delivery, do not worry about after-commission problems, after-commission problems will be done directly by the factory. So you don't have to spend time and energy on the supply, just keep in touch with the buyer.

There are some advantages of dash cam commission as follows:
1, do not bear the risk of purchase: zero cost, zero inventory, shop agent does not need to store goods, the goods sold belong to the factory. 
2, without a material object: the agent generally only provide pictures and other data for sale on their own online stores. 
3, drop-shipping: after selling the goods on the online shop, the agent contacts the factory and ship the goods to the factory. 
4, one from the grant: generally in the factory purchase, must reach a certain amount to enjoy the wholesale price, and online stores selling single pieces are also wholesale price. 

  1. Single transaction to pay cash on delivery: in general, the online store does not need to pay to the factory in advance, but after selling the goods, notify the factory to ship the goods, use Alipay, etc.
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Reversing is inevitable in driving, and it is necessary test for every driver when leaning the rest. Reversing is one of the important stander to measure the maturity of driver’s driving skills, especially for a new driver, reversing is a big problem.

Because newbie is unfamiliar with driving skill, they will often estimate the parking position and cant currently revers into parking space. What’s more, the newbie is used to looking back or looking around so that it can easily lead to rubbing. How to solve the problem of newbie who avoid revers rubbing, the dual lens dash cam can help you.

Dual lens dash cam is a car black box with two lens, which can take picture of the front and rear of the car. In fact,it is not correct for the driver to keep looking backwards when reversing, but to make sure that you look the front in safety. Newbie have consciously or unintentionally formed the habit of staring at the rear and fear happening rubbing, but if you don’t pay attention to the front, it is easy to knock down the people or things. And the dual lens dash cam can also help to solve this problem.

After installing a dual lens dash cam as a rear view mirror, you can see the rear and the side of the car.

Car black box is gradually popular in China. According to the need for the market and consumers, the best dash cam can be divide into HD, wide-angle, night-vision, ultra-thin, rear-view and so on. There is no doubt that the dual lens dash cam is the most popular one at present, and it is the best choice for the newbie.

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A lot of video is not always stored in the memory, but record circularly, which record only the most recent video. AZDOME dash cam record images that take a little longer than other similar devices. Because it support 64G memory card to a large extent. And you cam downloads the special APP to watch the video with WIFI on the mobile phone at any time.

Usually according to the situation, generally is half a month, 10minutes of a file, so that it will automatically form a separate file after 10minutes, and then automatically create a new file and repeat.

The dash cam can be set up circulate video or not, circulate video refers to the hidden dash cam can set a few minutes to a video.Delete the first segment after the memory card is full, that is, never be full, on the contrary, turn off the circulate video, the dash cam has a few minutes of setup in the dash cam and then a turn off, when it is turned off. The machine will record directly until the memory is full, will not loop, see how much memory you have.

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At present, there are four kind of dash cam in the market:single lens, dual lens, three lens and four lens. Because of the limitation of technology and some other factors, the single lens and double lens are more common. Is the dash cam better for a double lens or single lens?

Single lens dash cam is the most common and primitive, one camera has one lens. We all know that the hidden dash cam is responsible for taking pictures to retain evidence, so the wider the shooting will be better and it is not easy to miss some images. Although each has a wide angle, but the maximum wide angle in normally can reach about 150°, the image shot beyond this angle will appear serious deformation.

In order to solve this problem of wide angle distortion of single lens dash cam, some dash cam brands have publicity dual channel dash cam, the wide angle of the single lens is relatively low, but the cost also falls a lot. But the two lens add up, its monitoring range is much larger than the single lens of the dash cam, and the video shot will not show any distortion.

It seems that the answer is already obvious, the dual lens dash cam has more advantage, that is not the case. The single lens dash cam technology has been every mature, the compatibility of various function are better. The dual lens dash cam is simply added a lens, the function is still to be improved and optimized. If you do not consider the scope of monitoring, pay attention to function and performance, the single lens recorder should be more suitable.

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There are two kinds of dual channel , one is that the two camera are in the same body,which can shot the front and the rear. Another is the separate dual-lens, a main camera and a secondary camera that is like a car reversing camera, connected to the dash cam with usb cable.

In theory, the dual-channel dash cam takes a wider and more comprehensive. For example, some drivers in order to be in a hurry always like to merge over in traffic jams, so the accident happen simply and the auxiliary cameras can shot the video. Because of the advantage of the dual lens , one of them can be used as a reverse image or as a security inside the car, and we can switch the front and rear camera as we like .

But many of the dual lens dash cam are actually a gift that have more noise and is not clear to make much sense. But some regular bands of dual channel dash cam is relatively good, so more alluring.

17 days ago

The record time of the dash cam have directly relationship with the TF card capital, image quality, saving format. 1080p HD image occupy about 200MB every minute. 32G equal to 32768MB,32768MB divided by 200MB equal to 163 minutes, it can record less than three hours.

Of course, each machine have different parameters, especially the storage format have more different. Generally, the dash cam will provide three or four quality image, such as 1080p HD quality, 720p standard clear quality, and 360p low-end image. The 4k dash cam works irregular hours, 32G memory card usually can record 3hours at least.

At present, there are many hidden dash cam with circulate video function on the market, doesn’t need to set, is basically automatic coverage your oldest video when the memory is full. However, the dash cam with collision detection will retain the locked video.
More dash cam:http://www.azdome.hk

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The driver who know dash cam know that nigh vision is one of the important factors in buying dash cam. Although driving at night account for 1|4 of the day driving, but the situation of the road at night is more complex, and it is the environment with high increasing accident, if the image shot is too bright or too dark, which it is difficult to see clearly. Therefore, the HD dash cam night vision is more popular for consumers.

The quality of the chip not only affect the definition of the image shot in the daytime, but also affect the efficiency of the night vision. In the evening, because the light effect is not very good, so it is easy to produce a lot of noise. if you have a powerful chip, which can significantly improve the image processing capacity of the dash cam at night to reduce noise and improve the quality of the picture.

You would like a good night vision, must consider all aspects of the configuration so that you can buy the best dash cam. HD night vision dash cam focuses on the expression and display of image effects, equipped with IR technology, powerful chip, image processing technology and F1.8 large aperture. Whether in the day or at night, there is good picture quality performance, which can be tested by the market.