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While selecting a dash cam, we will encounter some confusing problem, such “ is higher pixel is better? is the dash cam with wifi,but no screen convenient? Which brand is good?” so i collected these problem and give you an answer.
The lenses are made of glass, are they different?
I have introduce the lens of the dash cam, the parameters about the lens include wide angle, aperture, glass, distortion. In the material, the glass is better than resin. However, i found that almost all of the ecommerce platform’s promoted the lens material in 6G, that is 6 layer glass.

In order to improve the wide angle and the image quality, the dash cam generally used multi-glass, at the same time, it also reduce 30% to 40% light. For improving the transmittance,some high-end dash cam also use multi-layer antireflection film of the advanced optical lens.

Jerry grained lenses ( only coated with a single layer of film) are usually found to be blue-purplr or red under light, while those coated with a multi-layer antireflection film are green or dark purple.

Must the product with Ambarella be better?
A lot of the hidden dash cam are marked with Ambarella A7 chip. Of course, at present, the main chip of the dash cam is series of A7, almost all the people know that it is better. Therefore, Ambarella chip is used in a lot of product.

As such some greedy businessmen began to lie to consumers. They promoted it is Ambarella chip, but they didn’t talk you which one they use. LA70 or LA50/LA55, and others.

At present, the mainstream CMOS is ov4689 that is also used in high-end product. Combined with LA70, it will be stronger. AR0330 is usually used with 96650、LA30,LA50/LA55.

Two parameters about the clarity of the image.
1, sensor pixel
Usually, it is described by 1.3million, 2 million, 3 million, etc. The mainstream CMOS is ov4689(4 million pixel) and ar0330(3 million pixel)

2,Output definition
Usually described in 720p, 1080p and 1296p.

3,Both two are the direct relationship with the photo clarity. However, we always make a mistake these two parameters.

1080p or 1296p
1080p almost become a standard, so do we need higher output? 1080p is about 2.07 million pixel, if the pixel is higher than 1080p, and the pixel must higher than 2 million. The same memory card is used in 1080p and 1296p, for example, the recording time will be reduced, also increase the written times, so the life of memory card will be shorten.

In other words, Clarity is a comprehensive embodiment of product performance, mainly related to image processing chips, image sensors and lenses, not just to see what chips, parameters labeled pixel values. Some bad manufacturers are tampering with the lens, which is no different from the image sensor, but in fact the lens has a big impact on clarity and night vision.

Is the dash cam that can see clear the licence plate number good?
In the case of relatively static, even 720p dash cam can clearly see the front licence plate, so the businessmen in the promotion of the picture is relatively static state to take. The clear licence plate number is relative to relative speed, relative distance, road smoothness, illumination conditions, shooting angle and so on. The general dash cam isn’t pressure for shooting relatively static objects within 3 meters. If there is a displacement, even a good car dvr dashcam may not get a clear licence plate number.

When the distance is controlled within ±10%, the licence plate can be shot clear. In other words, a 60*100mm licence plate, for example, the distance isn’t more than 60mm*10%=6mm, if not, you will get a clear number.

32G is most suitable
Of course, The larger storage is better. When it comes to enough. For example, if you drive your car about 90 minutes, 32G can record 320 minutes, it can record about three days( based on no emergency video) which is enough for a lot of people.

In addition, the quality of the memory card is also very important. You’ best to choose a class 10 card to avoid some common problem.

Nowadays, the dash cam trend to multi-functions, like dash cam with GPS, dash cam wifi, etc, which increase the choosing difficulty to some extent. In my opinion, the single function of the dash cam is enough, therefore, choose a dash cam within your own price range.

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With the development of the dash cam industry, the dash cam has become a necessary product. In the event of the accident, it may be a witness, provide evidence for obeying traffic rules drivers, record the illegal driving, restore scene. With the development of the technology, the dash cam gradually upgrade. The pixel of the dash cam is higher and higher, more and more new brand become popular. Today, i will recommend several popular big dash cam brand in 2018.

I believe that you may familiar with 360 dash cam that is produced by 360 company, because of its high performance and low price attracted more consumers, it is said that it is high cost effective, and the most influence brand.

The second generation material of 360 car video recorder is PC material, and the hardware part is equipped with Ambarella A12 chip, Aptina AR0238 high definition image sensor, 3um X3um very large pixel,165 ° wide angle, maximum F2.0, 6 layers of glass and 1 IR module.

It not only has the function of the traditional dash cam, but also include ADAS. When the car is offtrack or close to the front car, the machine will warn in advance to protect the driving safety. At the same time, it support the APP to playback the concept and compile to share with your friends.

360 provide mobile phone APP, however, at present, only support Android. Because it is in the check stage, so IOS users can’t use this moment. It is noticed that, when the dash cam connect to APP, the machine will automatically stop recording.

The night effect is poor than daytime effect, even if the licence plate can be see clear, but the image is serious noisy and the image is blurred. It is difficult to distinguish the licence plate number more than 3 meters, after all, the strength of the 360 isn’t high definition.

Lingdu is the Chinese brand of Shenzhen Duomeijie Technology Co., Ltd., which entered the Chinese market in December 2011. Ling launched the industry's first Ambarella dash cam, equipped with a 2.7-inch HD LCD screen, F / 1. 6 aperture, 178 degrees wide angle, 2560*1440P SuperHD.It realizes the multi-functions such as delay photography, parking monitoring, track deviation warning, forewarning and so on. The resolution can reach 2560 * 1440P/30fps.

Due to the wider vision, DAB211 has excellent night vision, which is useful for the driving at night. Therefore, lingdu dash cam has unique consumers.

In the practical test, the whole definition are very praised by consumers. With the general white balance and direct wide angel, the performance is mainstream.

xiaoyi dash cam
Xiaoyi, the new brand from Xiaomi's ecological chain enterprises, introduced several dash cam products with higher specifications and lower prices and greatly welcomed by the car friends. Small ant car recorder fuselage uses PC/ABS material, front panel imitating metal panel more wear-resistant and scrape, matte material looks very atmospheric, fuselage uses gray material, slightly smaller than cigarette box,so it also looks very small.

The Xiaoyi dash cam is equipped with 2.7-inch screen, F / 1.8, 165 degrees wide angle and a 3-axis gravity sensor, Because of its built-in 2.4Ghz, it support the WIFI one-click transmission to your phone.

in addition, xiaoyi hidden dash cam are also added to the ADAS , which can provide real-time intelligent lane shift warning, as well as share function. The beautiful scenery and funny picture on your trip can be shared to your friends in real time.

On the screenshot taken in daytime and nighttime, it is obvious that the xiaoyi dash cam has bad light inhibition. And there are a lot of noise on the image. But to our surprised, it keeps the high standard to recording, the licence plate of both sides of your car can be shot clearly. In my opinion, it has a large developing space on the image quality.
dual dash cam:http://www.azdome.hk/news-detail-206.html

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Q: what is the function of the dash cam? Why does we install a dash cam?
A: prevent racketeers of traffic and convenient to distinguish the accident responsibility.
Solution: of course, the most important function of the
dual lens dash cam is to prevent racketeers, the policeman can use the video taken to distinguish responsibility, a few people want to take beauty spots.

Q: where racketeers of traffic often occur? Which direction?
A: some people deliberately triggered the accident to blackmail. Racketeers of accident often appear on both sides, they pretend to be run into by the right or left or the car.
Such these accident occur in crowded places, illegal driving, sparsely populated suburbs. The reason is very simply. If the racketeers encountered the novice, they may die under the car. On the right side of the front is the place where these accidents occur. So it is very important for the car to shoot the both sides of the car.

Q: is it necessary to shoot licence plate clearly?
A: it is necessary to record the licence plate within 2 meters in front of your car. If some one fled the scene after the incident, you can shoot his licence plate number. It is not necessary to record the licence plate more than 3 meters. Because it makes no sense.
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When you select a 4k dashcam, if you notice the WDR? What is means of WDR? What is the advantage?
WDR wide dynamic is a special automatic light and light technology, which can truly restore the scene, so it is very useful.

Besides, whether in the sunlight during the day, or a tunnel of the backlight, and the night light reflection, it is good to light reflection and interference suppression to make the image clearly.
WDR is a more advance image processing technology, the dash cam with this function can be 30% to determine the choice to buy. However, it mainly looks at the the chip. The poor chip isn’t stable, even if the other functions are excellent.

At present, the high-end chip is Ambarella A12. without limit of the price, it is recommended that choose this chip( this chip is few expensive than others. )

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In using the dash cam, it is hard to avoid the problem, the following is the common error and solution of the dash cam. Hope you never use it, retain just in case.

1, crash and fail to boot. Crash refers to the elimination of power problems, the machine doesn’t start the situation or the machine doesn’t respond and keep in certain state.
(1) remove the sd card or tf card, press power button to confirm whether the dash cam is able to boot.
(2) If not, find out RESET and press RESET with needle, than check whether the dash cam is able to boot.
(3) If the machine work normally, the problem is caused by the memory card, please format your memory card.
(4) After insetting the memory card, your machine keep problem, it is recommended to change a new memory card.

(1) check whether the cable is normal, check whether the indicator light of the car charger and dash cam are normal,
(2) Press power button and confirm whether the hidden dash cam work normally. In general, the indicator light of the dash cam will be blue when pressing power button.
(3) Remove the memory card and restart the machine. Press power to check whether the machine is able to boot.
(4) If the problem can’t be solve, please contrast the local after-sales service.

2, automatically stop recording: because of big storage of HD video, so the memory card is full, the machine can’t record the video.
(1) check whether turn on the loop recording
(2) Check the video format and set the video format to save the storage as far as possible
(3)please use TF high-speed card that is compatible with the machine, C4 orC6.

3, playing video is not smooth and leakage. Because it appears error in saving data or the memory card is poor quality.
(1) format your SD card or TF card
(2) Check whether you use fake memory card, if it is, please change a Kingston regular card.

4, big noise, because the machine will appear strong wave sound in the low battery.
Solution: please record with sufficient power or with a charger.

5, playback isn't smooth. Because of the incompatibility of the car or a problem with the player format
(1) first change a computer player
(2) replace a high speed card

6, after connecting the car charger, the indicator light of the car charger and dash cam isn't on
Because of the filling mismatch
Solution: change the original car charger provided by manufacturers.

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In recent years, intelligent rear-view mirror dash cam has been popular on the intelligence market. Not only does it have beautiful appearance, but also includes a lot of functions, such as navigator, recording, track playback, reversing image, etc, which obtain good reputations. Insisting humanized design on functions is very worth.

Beautiful appearance
The car represents our status and taste. The interior plane of the car is also an important part. Compared with traditional rear-view mirror, intelligent rear-view mirror is based on the original appearance to present the high-quality.

Real-world navigator
The common navigator of intelligent rear-view mirror is made more sense. We can clearly see the real-world navigator on the intelligent rear-view screen. There is a big picture in crossroads. Combining real-world navigator and recording, without interference with each other, the running speed is fast and the image is smooth.

Good night vision
The intelligent rear-view mirror adopts the blue mirror technology to achieve zero glare. Driving at night, the dazzle light from the rear car may result the blind areas for the front drivers, which greatly increase the rate of the accident and danger. In strong sunshine, the rear-view mirror without blue anti-glare technology results that drivers can’t see anything on the mirror and affect the driving safety. But the sun light reflect dark light to drivers’ eye through the blue rear-view mirror of Meixing mirror. To some extent, it can avoid the relatively safety problem. So if you want to choose a good intelligent rear-view product, having blue anti-glare mirror is a requirement.

Dash cam
The dash cam, as a popular function, can’t be used as a intelligent rear-view mirror, if without any optimization in products. The definition and wide angle of the Meixing dash cam maybe result a big hidden danger and bring some wrong information for drivers. Rear-view dash cam can comprehensive record the time, speed, location and other detailed information to protect drivers safety.

Trajectory playback
The trajectory playback of the intelligent rear-view mirror is a useful tool to cope with racketeers of accident. In order to avoid some racketeers, it is divided into all kind of playback mode to guarantee drivers rights and interests and retain the powerful evidence, which brings more safety and rest for driving.

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As the need for the dash cam on the market increase, good products, and poor products will appear on the market together. In fact, this kind of reason is that Chinese people have a strong ability to imitate. So in various products, how do we choose the best budget dash cam?

First, when we select the dash cam, you must pay attention to the video quality that is the video clarity. At present, there are high definition and ordinary definition dash cam. 720p is HD, with the development of technology, 1080p is the HD now, but expensive, in general, 720p is enough for ours.

Secondly, when we select the car video recorder, we must look at whether the dash cam leak seconds. The dash cam will save the video a piece of time, Leak seconds is whether between two videos have a good connection, a good product with a complete connection has a high requirement for the processor and insert the memory card. It is recommended that don’t purchase the dash cam that leak seconds if an accident happens in leak seconds, how do we do?

Finally, it the photography angle. When selecting, many people considered that the larger angle is better. But it is wrong. The larger wide angle will have more deformation for the image. In general, 100°is enough for us, so it is unnecessary to buy an ultra wide angle. According to your need and hobbies to decide whether to buy a large wide-angle dash cam.

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Recently, my colleagues go to his BMW 320li car to open the door to dissipate heat every day. one day, I found that his sucker of his dual lens dash cam fell down frequently. I was very surprised. So I want to write this article. Next, i am going to introduce some resolution.

Method #1: it is very convenient for short-term use.
1, water: put a few water on the interface when sticking. But the water will evaporate, the sucker will fall down.
2, cream: put a few cream on the interface, then use paper to wipe the redundant cream, the dash cam is fixed. But it may fall down again.

Method #2: this is the best method for people who would not forget to bring the tool.
1, egg white: wipe a sucker interface with egg white, it is very solid and easy cleaning.
2, double-tape: cut a double-tape as big as your fingernail, then stick in the middle of the sucker. Then fix to the front windshield. This method is very solid. You don’t worry that it is difficult to remove the tape, only essential balm.
Finally, I want to emphasize that you must clean the front windshield. In addition, these methods are also suitable for some home hook rack.

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At present, there are too many brands of the dash cam, and various model, which is no doubt that it increases the difficulty in selecting for users. Following night aspects, users can buy the proper dash cam.

1, select a big brand dash cam.
2, beautiful appearance
If you don’t like this product, even if the machine is powerful, you also feel bad. So it is recommended that don’t choose some strange or mediocre dash cam.
3, choose cost-effective dash cam
Some dash cam is so expensive, about three thousand. Does it have a lot of function? Navigator, playback and so on, but a lot of dash cam are equipped with these function. At present, the performance of the best budget dashcams about 200 to 600 yuan is excellent, so choosing a 500 yuan dash cam is enough.
4, installing well
There is three installation method. One is to insert the headstock, which is so troublesome that you must ask a professional master to refit. One is paste type, which is relatively simple, but it is easy to fall off at high temperature and it is difficult to remove the glue. Anther is sucker type, which is the most common. Installing or removing is so simple, so we recommended this method.
5, choose HD dash cam
Buying a dash cam is for shooting and recording the front condition. If the image taken your product is blurred, it is too worse. so you must choose more than 720p dash cam. Now the best dash cam is 1080p, even HD dash cam.
6, choose large wide-angle dash cam
The lens must have a large wide-angle to shoot both sides of the car, at least 120 degrees. Now the good dash cam is generally about 120 degree to 140 degrees. AZDOME and other brand reach 150 degree and 160 degrees.
7, shoot distant view and night vision clearly.
This is relative to the design of the lens, rather than HD, especial shooting at night, if the definition is not good, the license plate/ billboard is not clear, the g sensor dash cam makes no sense. At present, A305 and A307 from AZDOME are good in night vision.
8, It is better to equip a polarizer.
What is the polarizer? For example, it is like a sunglasses for anti-reflective. At present, there is six hundred dash cam without polarizer on the market, so resulting in the poor shooting effect in strong light, but a few brand equips polarize for 500 yuan dash cam.
9, don’t ignore some regular functions.
Some common technical standards on dash cam, for example, the aperture is generally suitable for F2.0 to F2.4. support 32g to 64g, support USB power supply and so on.

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We live in an age where products can change the world. In essence, each product can solve a certain problem and make life convenient. The primary value of the dash cam was to prevent the racketeer.

A car video recorder usually has a lot of function, such as video, photography, sound, storage, etc. It can continue to record the driving process and provide evidence for accident. Users not only can avoid condition like racketeers, but also can provide credible evidence for handing traffic accident.

Of course, a dash cam with single dash cam can meet our needs. With the development of the technology, hardware is continually upgraded. For example, users can use the 4k dashcam with video and photography function to record and photograph the scenery, then share on the social contract media. The popular artificial intelligence must combine east and west. Smart hardware simply put into Android or connected to the Internet with WIFI. The real value of artificial intelligence is to connect the artificial intelligence big data and artificial brain,so that intelligent hardware and users have a good interaction.

This is the rule of hardware evolution under the development of science and technology. At the same time, dash cam companies can also connect with traffic police, road administration and other departments, cooperate with insurance companies, and connect with other equipment to further effectively solve the problem of safe travel.

E-dogs, navigators and dash cam have been the main products of the domestic automotive electronics market, and the first two have fallen, so where is the future of dash cam? in Wuhan Dianjing exhibition in the middle of the year, the dash cam did not show much breakthrough. Although the hidden dashcam has brought new elements to the industry, but the panoramic image system, intelligent rear-view dash cam and other emerging products have also formed a certain impact on the original market.

However, with the trend of consumption demand and consumption upgrading in China’s automobile market, the gap of intelligent hardware is still huge, it is true that all parties are also continuing to seize the market, introducing high-quality scientific and technological products and services to thousands of drivers.

Among them, there are design brands from Taiwan, DOD, PAPAGO, Punuode, Xiaoyi. 360, Letv and HP are well-known software and hardware, Internet companies, start-up companies has DDPAI, Jiluke and AutoBot. There are companies that are also in the intelligent terminal, car hardware accumulation for a long period of time, for example, Lingdu long-term focus on the development and manufacture of dash cm, General Iron is the automotive electronics brand. E-xing is established in 2006, the GPS navigator brand. Toumei has been focusing on auto parts. Mi-Dog is a domestic smart device developer Baiyue digital release of the positioning in video smart device camera brand.

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