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The application of USB3.1 and USB Type-C has been more and more widely. However, some people still don't know the difference between the two. Some technology media will even confuse the two in the report, and more unscrupulous manufacturers use this to deceive consumers. So what is the relationship between USB3.1 and USB Type-C?

We must first be clear: USB3.1 and USB Type-C hub are totally different.

Strictly speaking, USB 3.1 is the latest transmission standard based on USB. Compared with the previous generation of USB3.0, the new USB 3.1 increases the bandwidth and greatly improves the coding rate.

USB 3 is encoded by 8b/10b. In each of the 10bit data transmitted, 2bit exists as a check code, so the bandwidth loss will be as high as 20% (2/10). While USB 3.1 uses 128b/132b encoding. In 132bit data, 4bit is used as the check code, so the transmission loss rate is very low, which is only 3% (4/132).

And USB Type-C is exactly an interface standard. There are three kinds of interface standards for USB 3.1, which are USB Type A, USB Type B, and USB Type-C. And USB Type-C has become the most promising interface standard for all interfaces due to various advantages.

So there is no absolute connection between USB 3.1 and USB Type-C. The USB Type-C interface does not necessarily represent the USB 3.1 standard. Similarly, the interface using the USB 3.1 standard is not necessarily the USB Type-C interface.

Compared with the 5V/0.5A of USB 2, the USB 3 provides a 5V/0.9A power supply. But people still want more power supply, so USB 3.1 (SuperSpeed+) increases the maximum allowable standard of power to 20V/5A and power 100W.

USB 3.1 will redouble the bandwidth to 10Gbps, and it is worth noting that the coding rate is also increased again.

It looks like the USB 3.1 benefits, but we must pay attention to USB 3.1 and USB Type-C. Strictly speaking, USB 3.1 is a transmission standard, and USB Type-C, exactly, is an interface standard. There are three interface standards for USB 3.1, which are USB Type A, USB Type B (Micro USB), and the latest USB Type-C.

There is no absolute association between USB 3.1 and USB Type-C. To know that there is a USB Type-C interface, it does not necessarily represent its support for the USB 3.1 standard. The USB 3.1 standard is not necessarily the USB Type-C interface.

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For intelligent driving assistant products, to do not interfere with the driver's vision and normal driving is to get an admission ticket, and then talk about its function and role. However, the car space is limited, how to find a place in this inch, high integration is particularly important. If we succeed, we will wind up the waves and hang the clouds to sail the seas.

Automobile intelligent rearview mirror dash cam, compared with other intelligent driving auxiliary products, can be called an advantage. The car rearview mirror itself has a place in the car, and no one dared to shake its position. You should know that the endoscope is an important security component, its quality and installation location have the corresponding industry standards, can not be changed at will. And compared to products, if you can use the rearview mirror of this treasured land, then the probability of success will be much greater? So, let's see if these intelligent driving aids can now sail with the help of an automotive rearview mirror.

A traffic recorder is an instrument that records relevant information of images and sounds on the road. After installing the traveling recorder, it can record the video image and sound of the whole traveling process of the vehicle, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. This is very important, for many drivers, with a driving recorder, you can be a lot of their own can not say clearly the accident more intuitive response, can be very effective to avoid being "touched porcelain". In addition, people who like to travel by themselves can also use it to record the process of conquering difficulties and obstacles. Driving while walking video, while the time, speed, location are recorded in the video, rather "black box". It can also be used for shooting DV life fun at home, or for home monitoring. Usually can also do parking monitoring, installation of car camera recorder.

From the point of view of function and function, traffic recorder is very good indeed. But most recorders are mounted on the front windshield by suction cup or glue, which can capture the driving picture very well, but it does disturb the driver's vision to a certain extent. Of course, if combined with the rearview mirror of the car, one does not occupy additional space, the other can also have a very good angle to shoot, while the use of the rearview mirror screen can also provide better visual effect.

HUD (Head Up Display) refers to the driver does not need to bow to see the important information it needs. Head-up displays first appeared on military aircraft, reducing the frequency of pilots looking down at instruments, avoiding interruptions in attention and loss of situational awareness. Because of the convenience of HUD and the improvement of driving safety, it has also been introduced into automobile driving.

But the data on the dashboard and the engine water temperature, battery voltage and other data, and even navigation functions projected onto the car's front windshield by way of projection. That way, it's true that you don't have to bow your head to see the data, but can you stop driving when strange reflections appear on the driver's windshield? Can not interfere with the line of sight? Some people say that I can be placed in a corner or edge, then do not do so contrary to your original intention?

With the help of rearview mirror, can the practical problems of HUD be solved effectively? The answer may not be entirely satisfactory, but at the very least, HUD can be retained on the car. Parallel movement of sight allows the driver to observe the required data at the lowest angle and the fastest speed, and to keep the road condition in front of the vehicle in his own view. Is this not a better way to protect the driver's vehicle safety? HUD since that is OK, OBD is no problem.

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Recently, one of my friends met her new friend, very handsome and enthusiastic boy. They discussed what kind of transportation tool is more comfortable and fashionable. They tested a large number of short-term transportation tool, and finally picked out the best and fashionable one which is more suitable for modern young people—Hover shoes. This not only a tricks play toy but a short-term transportation tool.

Hovershoes will soon be the favorite toy of young girl & boy.

So they spent a weekend time to try to ride the latest Koowheel hovershoes X1 & Segway W1 for us. Now Let's take a look at how this new HOVERHOES brings us a wonderful experience.


First, it looks like more cooler and technological sense on appearance. But we can see it’s a Plastic material out covering.

Weak point: This will greatly increase the cost of later use and maintenance.

Second, it is leather belt handle.

Shortcoming: Vulnerable

Third, In terms of pedals, in order to pursue the appearance design, the four sides are curved, the length is not enough, and the feet are not attached.

Forth, smaller motor size, fast speed, low torque, but small load.

The last but the most important, because the center of gravity is high, the wheels have a curvature, it is not very stable on outdoor riding, it needs to be stabilized by both feet, lack of security, so it is very tired to ride.


First, although looks like ordinary on appearance, however we can see it’s a mental material out covering.

Strong point: more durable.

Second, it is a mental handle, will be more strong and durable.

Third, the pedal length is suitable, and the plate surface has a concave design, which fits the feet, is more stable and easier to operate, especially turning and drifting.

Forth, large motor size, Large size, high torque, large load and stable.

The last but the most important,low center of gravity, large wheels and large size,text more stable outdoor riding, easier and more secure.

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The mobile jump starter that once passed away brought a lot of convenience to our life, solved the mobile charging problem of our mobile phone, and now it has passed out a product called the car jump starter. Many friends have been asked on the Internet, how to use the car jump starter? Or car emergency electricity. How to use the source? How to fire a car jump starter? How to use the car jump starter and so on? Let's talk about my experience today.

As you can see, this is the electric general utility jump starter for car I bought, and the green package is more striking. This is a kit that contains products and related accessories.

Let's talk about the main functions of the product first:

1, charging digital products, 5V voltage, smartphone, Bluetooth headset, tablet computer and so on.

2, to notebook charging, is based on 12V, 16V, 19V voltage notebook, the brand is not limited, as long as the adapter can be connected.

  1. A friend who drives a car to a car can often run into a car battery without electricity and can't start the vehicle, especially in winter. I have a 2 displacement car tested on a Mazda 6.

4, emergency lighting, strong light lighting, flash type, and SOS help information lights, Xiaobian think this is more useful, especially in outdoor!

Let's start with the first function here...

Proper use of multi-function car jump starter to 5V digital products charging steps:

  1. First, turn on the main switch of the car jump starter.

  2. Insert the USB connector into the USB interface of the car jump starter.

3, choose the appropriate charging head to charge the phone. Apple 4, apple 5, Apple 6 have special connectors. The other Android smartphones are basically Micro interfaces.

From left to left are USB, Micro, MINI, Apple 5/6, Apple 4.

  1. Connect well, then press the power switch button to charge, then complete the charging operation, and the use of mobile power is the same.

Proper use of multi-function car jump starter to laptop charging steps:

1, confirm how much voltage the notebook input voltage is. This is Lenovo notebook, 20V voltage, we choose 19V voltage supply test here.

2, take off the battery of the notebook, and then supply the power supply, and some manufacturers say that it can be used directly. This operation is possible. After that, it will charge the notebook battery. In the process of energy conversion, there are too many losses, which leads to the use of time to reduce, in the outside business or outdoor, mobile office use, It just takes a long time. I called the manufacturer for technical consultation.

3, choose the right laptop charging connector, which is equipped with 8.

  1. Connect the connector to the laptop.

  2. Connect the notebook adapter to the connector. You can connect it to the laptop again.

6, after opening the emergency switch of the car, the voltage V of the notebook can be switched over by the switch button in 3 seconds. Here we choose the 19V voltage.

7, insert the notebook connector into the notebook output of the multi-function car jump starter.

8, press the laptop boot button to start the test.

9, at this point, the charging steps have been completed. Dear, start your laptop.

Precautions for car jump starter:

1, when there is no adult care, do not let children use the portable car jump starter, should be placed in children can not get the place;

  1. Do not heat or drop the emergency power source into the water or fire. Putting the power in the water will cause the battery to fail, and the battery will break up or accident in the fire.

  2. After using the car jump starter, the power switch should be disconnected in time to avoid fire due to heat and so on.

4, long term non use, need to take charge and discharge once every 3 months or so.

5, car jump starter should be kept in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

6, charging with special lithium charger can not be mixed.

7, do not dismantle the car jump starter to avoid accidents.

8, we can not use the car jump starter under the rain. The rainwater will conduct electricity. It is very likely that there will be a short circuit, which will cause the car jump starter to burn because of the sudden large current discharge, which will damage the battery or the danger.

9, you can't touch the positive and negative poles and the negative pole of the car jump starter.

  1. Under the environment of high temperature or high humidity, the reaction of the battery itself can not be stored in a high temperature or high humidity environment, so it can not provide enough capacity to the electrical appliance. In addition, the aging rate of the battery will be greatly accelerated under high temperature and humidity, and will also corrode electronic components (except for high-temperature batteries).

  2. Do not insert the positive and negative pole of the starting port of the car jump starter, or short the metal with the metal, otherwise it will cause the battery to bulge or break up, so as to avoid accidents.

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The price difference between the wireless charger on the market is big, from 30, 40 to 400, 500 multivariate. How much difference is there in the use experience? The truth-seeking laboratory prepared 4 wireless chargers and used Samsung Galaxy S9+ and apple iPhone 8 Plus for wireless charging comparison to see what the different charging speeds were different at different prices.

The charge efficiency advantage of Samsung's original charger is also well reflected in the charging power. The power of the first 40 minutes is high, the peak value is close to 10W, and the peak power of other wireless charger is only kept between 7 and 8W.

A brief introduction to 4 wireless chargers

This review of the wireless charger is Belkin Boost Up wireless charger (iPhone), Samsung original wireless charger (EP-PN920, second generation), millet wireless charger and South Fu cool Bo AirCharge mobile phone wireless charge.

There is no significant difference in the parameters of the other 3 wireless chargers except Belkin, in which the Belkin Boost Up wireless charger is bought by the iPhone version and supports the iPhone 7.5W wireless fast charging. The millet wireless charger supports millet MIX 2S 7.5W wireless fast charging, but the official parameter indicates that the actual maximum output power is 9W.

In the previous test, it was also found that the compatibility of different radio chargers was different, although the output power was about the same, the official recommended wireless charger was often more powerful than the other third party products, and the charging power would be higher and the charging speed would be faster.

Comprehensive evaluation of mobile wireless charging: is millet wireless really suitable for iPhone?

According to this theory, is it equivalent to "Galaxy S9+" and "iPhone 8 Plus" charging faster with the recommended wireless charger?

We can't get this conclusion before the test, because the test cell phone changed from iPhone X to iPhone 8 Plus, and the charging condition also changed from "20% charge 30 minutes" to "charge from 0% to full power".

Conditions for charging test

It also mentioned that the test was a wireless charging test of 0% to 100%, and we would use the running software to light the cell phone's power to the natural shutdown, set the cell phone for a period of time to drop the temperature, and then start the wireless charging test.

During the charging process, the cell phone normally acquiesce in the card, close the screen, turn on the WiFi and other normal functions, record voltage, current and electricity every 5 minutes.

Among them, Belkin Boost Up qi wireless charger has its own integrated charging line and charging head, so its total input power is recorded directly with a micro power monitor.

The remaining three wireless chargers are equipped with the Micro USB/USB Type-C interface, which can be used to record the output power of the charging head using the Power Z test table (the rechargeable head is used for the unified use of millet MDY-08-ES).

As the Belkin Boost Up wireless charger directly checks the total input power, the power is part of the power adapter, which is a bit higher than the other three other radio chargers that record the output power, about 0.5 to 1W.

Test results and analysis of wireless charging

First of all, as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ has an interest screen reminding function can be real-time view of electricity, so the time full of electricity can be accurate to 1 minutes, but the iPhone 8 Plus needs to light the screen to watch the electricity, full time can only be accurate to 5 minutes, but the error is also within 5 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ uses Samsung's original wireless charger for 173 minutes, which is more than 30 minutes shorter than the remainder of the other 3 third party wireless chargers.

Relative, the rest of the 3 wireless charger charging speed is almost the same, Belkin Boost Up wireless charger performance 207 minutes, millet wireless charger performance 204 minutes, South Fu cool Bo AirCharge mobile wireless charge for 201 minutes, the gap is not big.

As for iPhone 8 Plus, the result is a little unexpected, but it is reasonable. The charging time of the 4 wireless chargers is almost the same, the longest charge time is 230 minutes and the shortest is 215 minutes.

One of the most expensive Belkin Boost Up wireless chargers is the longest time in the world, and it may make it unbelievable that it's not a good support for Apple 7.5W wireless fast charging.

In fact, iOS 11.3 adjusted the wired and wireless charging power of iPhone to a certain extent, in which the wired quickly filled the unofficial PD fast charge function (that is to say the wired fast charge can only buy the official USB Type-C to Lightning line of the apple), and the 7.5W wireless fast charging is all cut down.

Compared with iOS 11.2, the peak power of iPhone in the new version system has declined in the wireless charging. The measured Belkin Boost Up 7.5W wireless fast charging time can only maintain a short 10 minutes, so the advantage of the Belkin Boost Up wireless charger under iOS 11.3 is much smaller.

From the "iPhone 8 Plus wireless charging power statistics" diagram, you can see that Belkin Boost Up, though seemingly charging power, does not forget that we are counting the total input power and actually deduct the power consumed by the power adapter, so the output power of the calculation and other wireless rechargeable devices should be no difference.

We can compare the same support for 7.5W fast charging, loading iPhone X with iOS 11.2 and iPhone 8 Plus. loading iOS 11.3 respectively.

The average power of 1 hours from 20% electric charge: iPhone X is 6.76W, and iPhone 8 Plus is only 5.87W, the gap is still relatively large, to a certain extent, the apple in iOS 11.3 system is further restricted to the charging power.

After testing, we can finally come to the conclusion: for Samsung Galaxy S9+, the official original wireless charger is still the first choice, even the old model EP-PN920 is still hanging a number of third party wireless charging.

For iPhone 8 Plus, as the iOS 11.3 system adjusts the power of wireless fast charging, it will not need to correct the official recommended high price wireless charger in the short term, and select the entry level wireless charger of the famous brand.

Here we also remind you that there are a lot of "wild chicken" products in the wireless charger for iPhone market at present, the price of 30, more than 40 pieces all have, it is suggested that everyone should choose carefully, the low price products do not have the ability to detect FOD foreign objects. If the metal objects are placed on the inferior wireless charger, the metal will be heated quickly. It can cause accidents.

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What are the types of car jump starter? What's the difference between them. At present, there are mainly two kinds of car jump starter, one is lead-acid battery, the other is lithium polymer. Che Lian's little editor will give you a brief introduction.

The car jump starter of lead-acid battery is more traditional, and the maintenance free lead-acid battery is used. The quality is large and the volume is large. The battery capacity and the starting current are also large. This kind of car jump starter is usually equipped with an inflatable pump, and it also has the functions of over current, overload, overcharge and counter protection. It can charge all kinds of electronic products, and some even have the functions of inverters.

Lithium ion car jump starter is a new trend. It is a newly emerged product with light weight and compact size. Such products are generally not equipped with inflatable pumps, with overcharging and shut-off functions, and more powerful lighting functions, which can provide power for all kinds of electronic products. Such products usually have the function of flash or SOS remote LED rescue lamp, which is more practical.

Charging, please use a random special electric appliance to charge. Before the first use, please charge the machine for 12 hours, lithium ion polymer battery usually 4 hours can be filled, not as long as said the longer the better. The maintenance free lead-acid battery has different charging time depending on the product capacity, but charging is often longer than that of the lithium polymer battery.

The above is about what kind of jump starter for car is divided into, what is the difference between the introduction. If you are interested in emergency power supply, you can pay attention to the official website, or consult customer service for details.


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Recently, many users have reflected some problems about the charging of car jump starter. The biggest problem is that the starting power of the car can not be charged. What's the use of the car's starting power without electricity? Useless! The charging power of a car jump starter is slow enough to accept. If it is not charged, it is due to the power output limits set by the manufacturers. So how to analyze and solve these problems?

  1. check data lines against mobile phones or digital products.

If you do not match, you can use your mobile phone or digital product itself to connect the jump cables with the car jump starter, so the compatibility will be better.

  1. Check the quality of the transfer head

If there is a quality problem, you can find a replacement head for the manufacturer during the change period, such as buying the same switch head, or charging the data line with the mobile phone or the digital product itself.

  1. See if the double - wire is bad

In the same way, the replacement period can be replaced by the manufacturer, such as buying a same double line or charging the data line with a mobile phone or the digital product itself.

  1. The mismatch between the connecting head and the double wire

In general, the regular manufacturers are small and few, if you really meet, direct the manufacturer to return the goods, or use a mobile phone or digital product original data line charge.

  1. Check whether the contact between the starting power of the car and the double cable is solid.

If the contact between the starting power supply and the double pull wire interface is not firm, it may be that the USB interface on the starting power is loosened many times during the use process. The warranty can be returned to the factory during the warranty period. It is not in the warranty period and is paid back to the factory for repair.

  1. The voltage of car jump starter may be too low

The voltage of the car jump starter power bank is usually around 5V. The general mobile equipment is not related, but some cell phones require a constant voltage to be charged on a few volts. If it is such a mobile phone, it can be explained by the manufacturer, and the voltage volt number of the power supply is adjusted.

In general, the car jump starter by the regular manufacturers will not have these low-level problems. All of the recommendations are best to buy certified and guaranteed car jump starter manufacturers.

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For the porous USB HUB, the basic reason is that the USB interface is not enough to meet the use of the daily external equipment, such as the access to the keyboard and mouse U disk to move the hard disk and so on. In the purchase of USB type-c HUB, one of the individual values is the USB interface type, after all, USB3.0 has been popularized; two is the performance, and the plug - in device can still be normally recognized by computers, smart TV and other equipment, and can meet the needs of some devices such as mobile phones.

For USB HUB, power supply stability is a very important part, some can be powered directly through the USB interface of the equipment, but some will need to match the power adapter for independent power supply. For this ORICO M3H4 four hole USB3.0 HUB, the place to pay attention is to use four USB3.0 interfaces, but because there are only four interfaces of the interface, there is no additional independent power adapter like M3H7, which can directly connect the computer to the mobile phone, tablet and other equipment, more suitable for travel. For the first time, the USB3.0 special line that has been struck by the hand is really too rough. The material is very excellent, and the 7 core oxygen free copper core twisted pair is used, and the aluminum foil shield is used to resist interference and ensure the transmission speed.

ORICO M3H4 is designed with an integrated aluminum structure style. The surface of the fuselage is anodized and sandblasting. It feels good and looks beautiful. The internal solid state capacitor PCB circuit design and VIA fast dual core chip provide a stable hardware foundation for multi device simultaneous charging and normal connection. The surface of the fuselage is designed with a power indicator, which can be displayed as blue after power on.

CNC with an integrated cutting process makes the fuselage look soft, and the fuselage uses 30 degrees of ergonomic elevation design, more convenient in the plug - in equipment or on the USB line. The left side of the fuselage is also designed with a USB3.0 interface, that is, the power adapter interface. Both sides of the side of the side are CD seal design, rather quality, only in the detail work to be improved, because the edge of the gap is obvious, affecting the beauty of the product.

On the skid resistance, there are two antiskid silicone pads at the bottom, which will make the desktop more stable.

For USB C HUB, it is not only for the use of computers, but also for smart TV and even set-top boxes. Taking music video screen as an example, there are only two interfaces, one USB2.0 and one USB3.0, which will usually connect a wired handle, a mouse and a mobile hard disk. The interface occupancy rate is very high, and it is not enough to use, and the significance of Orico M3H4 is to allow multiple external devices to use at the same time.

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In the event of the accident, the cost of vehicle damage is a small things. if there were injured people and the intersection monitor fails to capture the accident or there is lack of witnesses to testify. What should we do? Now in a big city, injured people can get a large compensation, but if the driver can come up with evidence that prove the fault of the pedestrians or non-motor vehicles, the compensation may be reduced.

So how can we avoid this event?
The car camera recorder can help you solve above problem. The dash cam, as a “black box” of the car, usually records the videos and sounds in driving. In the event of an accident, you can play back the video to protect your legitimate rights and interests.


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For the Usb type-c cable, we have been familiar to us for a year. We have heard too much about it. We don't know what advantages it has. It's like we have worn a pair of shoes for more than a year, and I don't remember what it looks like. Next we will understand the advantages of the usb type-c cable.

  1. from the rate of charging: the advantage of the Usb type-c cable is that it supports a higher electric current, that is, more current will be passed by Type-C at the same time, so that the charging speed of the device will be faster. The current charge current of most Usb type-c cables is generally 2A. If the charging rate is to reach 2A, it needs to match the charging plug, that is, if the charge head supports only 1A, whether it is using 1A or 2A data line to charge, it is fundamentally different; if the current supported by the charge head is 2A With the Usb type-c cable of 2A, the effect can be changed obviously.

  2. from the charging function: it has a bidirectional charging function, the equipment carrying the Type-C interface can be charged through the Type-C cable to connect the mobile power supply. The user does not need to carry the cable with the charge plug and the usb Type-C cable. In addition, when selecting the Type-C cable, focus on the current limit, 1A usb c cable does not have fast charging performance, 2A is fast charging Type-C cable, if you want to have fast charging effect, you must choose the Type-C charging data line with 2A current.

Remember that the cable with fast charging function needs to match the fast charging plug to achieve the best result.