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Many car self ignition, high temperature melting, and even burn the car line events have been reported repeatedly. Consumers have questioned the safety of vehicle charging. So what kind of car is more safe? How to guarantee the safety of the car? We need to make some specific analysis from the following points.

For consumers, the car on the market is very different from the surface. In addition to the description of the merchant and the evaluation of the consumer, there is no good way to really distinguish it. But different dual usb car charging from a professional point of view, knowledge is indeed a lot. In order to ensure the safety of vehicle charging, good quality vehicle charging is more particular, whether from material selection, exterior structure or internal chip structure.

Car charger safety guarantee 1: the most important component selection chip

The chip is the core of vehicle charging. As the heart is general, the choice of chips for the manufacturer needs to be quite sophisticated. There are many chips on the market now, Arthur Wright, Ted, Deng Feng Wei, Dalian Alfa... They all match the corresponding professional chips for the car. Of course, the price and service are directly proportional to the credibility of the strongest is the Arthur Wright scheme business, but the price is expensive, good chip overvoltage, over current, temperature control, function and other stability are higher, but due to the limited price cost, car filling manufacturers will also choose.

Because of the invisibility of the scheme, consumers have a blind spot here. As a manufacturer, it will not publish its chips, even if the appearance of some products is very gorgeous, but the internal chip is not a good product to choose the low profile.

Car charger safety guarantee two: all kinds of certification are necessary

The circuit board is closely linked to the chip, and its technical content is not as high as the chip, but it also needs high standard selection. It has been heard that some circuit boards exceed the standard of electromagnetic radiation and lead is too high, which will have an impact on consumers' daily life.

Most of the car charge circuit board material selection in the market is to refer to the international ROHS ("the use of some harmful substances in electrical and electronic equipment") environmental protection certification standards, the certified circuit board will release the product radiation and chemical toxic substances to the level of human safety, so whether through the ROHS environmental protection Certification is a standard that consumers need to pay attention to when buying.

In addition, the selection of wire, shell and so on is also required through relevant certification, such as FCC/CE certification, such as the selection of strong material stability, anti spontaneous combustion, high temperature and environmental protection, is an effective guarantee for the stable use in the future.

Car charger safety guarantee three: the external structure volume is directly proportional to the power.

Many consumers always love the most exquisite appearance. As a matter of fact, many times, choosing the appearance is equivalent to giving up the advantages of many products. To sum up, the size of the appearance structure is directly proportional to the power of the product.

Consumers always wonder why the car is filled with a particular position, so it is very beautiful, so the choice of car filling time will always choose the car according to the visual preferences, but the manufacturer's designers are not covered, some design must be to the maximum of a kind of function.

For example, the larger the volume of the vehicle's appearance, the better its heat dissipation performance; the larger the power, the larger the volume required. Many manufacturers in order to cater to the consumer's one-sided pursuit of the appearance, will choose to produce some mini - car filling, which is far less thermal than the appearance of large structure of the product. And the only small car that can do is to reduce power, so the mini compact car will normally set 800MA, 1A, 1.5A current, in order to ensure heat, safety and stability. Therefore, it is suggested that consumers should have a clear understanding of the necessity of reasonable external structure design when purchasing.

Car charger safety four: internal safety accessories setting

In addition to the above points, the dual port usb car charger needs to be upgraded appropriately, for example, the following two points:

(1) intelligent IC over current protection

At present, the intelligent IC chip is becoming more and more popular, which can effectively control the overload or overheating of the car. The performance of the product is more stable, and the battery life can be effectively protected.

Self protected fuse

Because of its low cost and high demand for mass production, the popular insurance management is popular with car manufacturers. However, this kind of insurance pipe is easy to burn and can not be used continuously. So now the insurance pipe is improved to realize self recovery fuse, and the overheating can be overheated effectively. Once it is different, the power supply will be cut off automatically, so as to protect the efficiency of the charging equipment in the car. But manufacturers need to strictly control the alarm level, maximize the charging service and maximize the safety guarantee.

Car charger safety guarantee five: use in suitable environment

As an electronic product, the safety of vehicle charging is inseparable from the use environment. Car filling equipment use the environment as dry as possible to avoid the use of wet conditions, if it is not careful to wet, can naturally dry again, but before use should be tested by the professional can be used again.

In addition, buyers should fully understand the vehicle charging temperature and supporting current before using them, and try to cooperate with the best current at suitable temperature. Most of the cars on the market can withstand the temperature of 50 degrees - minus 20 degrees C, the general car charging equipment can input voltage of 12V - 24V, in order to cater for the current main mobile phone, flat panel charging demand, the city's single USB charging mouth is generally set to 2.4A, of course, the future will be much, we do not know.

To sum up, in fact, small car filled with a lot of knowledge, whether from material selection, appearance structure or internal chip composition are exquisite, and in the choice to use the product should be done with a detailed understanding of the product to maximize the value of its use.


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