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A lot of car owners ask questions about the use of car charger, the common problems and many people often make misunderstandings together, to tell you the correct answer, it is of great reference value!
The output current of the car charger cannot be greater than the maximum rated input power of the mobile phone.
The correct thing is that the charging current "can be big", for example, a car that output 5v/2.1 is charged to a mobile phone with a maximum rated input power of 5V/1A, which is charged to the cell phone as 1A, 2A for the tablet computer, and can be full of electricity in a shorter time; but if it is an output current of 5V /0.8A's car is charged to the same mobile phone to charge, and the input is 0.8A, not only slow in time, but also very hot. It will damage cell phone batteries for a long time. So it is necessary to choose a vehicle charger that fully outputs high quality and high current to extend the life of your beloved aircraft. General mobile phones, including iPhone, require a current of 1A (part 2A), and tablet PC is usually 2A. Then the vehicle charging with multiple USB interfaces must meet these standards.
There is no need for a car to be filled with a USB interface

Many cars have their own USB interface and may have more than one port, and most people think it's okay to use the USB interface on the car to recharge the phone or any other device. In fact, this idea is wrong, because most of the USB interfaces in the car are set for audio data transmission, so part of the vehicle's interface current is far from 5V/ 1A, which explains the reason that the charging current is "very small", if you use the USB interface on the car to the cell phone or even the tablet computer. Charging, if the current is not up to standard, the equipment will be damaged. In addition, Andrews or iPad will charge the device for charging when charging,
and the design of each vehicle is different.
The more the USB interface, the slower the charging speed is.

The current depends on the voltage, not depending on how much the USB interface is, because the current is already divided and does not interfere with each other. If it is really slower than the single USB interface, who will buy it? The manufacturer designs several U ports, mainly for the convenience of owners to charge multiple electronic products simultaneously.

But there is something on the market, the manufacturer of low current vehicles called high current output, because the greater the output of the current, the higher the demand for material and production technology, the unscrupulous merchants to save the cost really what things can be done, buy is really bad luck. But at the very least, it is good to find out early, like we do not have a professional test instrument owners, only to observe the purchase of the car charge, if at the same time to the cell phone and tablet computer, and the slow heating and very serious, is the current is not standard, it is better to quickly change to the better. The 3USB interface I use does not have these problems.
The vehicle charger must be pulled out after the vehicle is turned off, otherwise the battery will be damaged.

This statement in many places will see, in fact, most of the car is now the smoke device is already ACC and not often electricity, that is to say that the car will be able to cut off power, which is a safe practice. Even if it is to extinguish the electric vehicle, in general, the vehicle charger does not have the current output in the case of no load, so it does not pull out, and only a small LED lamp is working, the loss of the battery can be ignored. My dual usb car charger is inserted all year round, and there is no problem.
car charging must be flameout and then plug in, otherwise it will burn easily.

For many cars this is really a probability problem, which tests the shock resistance of the car, and not all cars need to be plugged out after the blowout, for example, I'm using the highest DC40V pluggable charged impact that can be plugged at will.
Do not pay attention to the maximum power of the expansion port

Many of the cars on a lot of cars have to use a cigarette lighter, so many people will buy a two or three with a smoke device extension, but the same product will often see some people say it is good and someone says the fuse is burning, which may be the maximum power of the equipment. In particular, the vehicle refrigerator, vehicle vacuum cleaner this power must first see clearly, the power is how much, see their own car filled expansion can not be used, generally in the packaging box or instructions will be marked.

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