6 months ago

USB 3 ports and devices have been proved to emit radio frequency (RF) noise that can interfere with the device's use of the 2.4 GHz wireless band; such devices include a wireless mouse and a keyboard for wireless communication using a radio frequency converter.

The RF noise can come from any place along the USB 3 connection. For example, if your USB 3 hard disk is inserted into the USB 3 port, the interference may come from the USB port of your hub, USB line or even drive. This noise is not always a problem, but if your wireless mouse or keyboard often disconnects, or if you have lost a click or keystroke, try to connect the mouse or keyboard to the USB 2 port and keep the RF adapter and device away from the active USB 3. 0 connection. If your computer does not have any USB 2 ports, you can use the USB 2 extension cable to move the RF converter farther from the interference source.

Devices that do not use the USB hub
Some devices must be directly inserted into the USB port of the host. When you insert them into the USB hub, they do not work at all. For example, apple SuperDrive only works when you insert it directly into the USB c hubon the apple laptop.

It is impossible to explain each installation, scene, and device, so our suggestion is to do some research before you buy: a fast Google search usually appears common problems with the device, and you will insert your center. We also recommend testing when you get a new hub, compatibility with existing USB devices so that you can return to the center if it has problems.


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