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The dash cam relies on the energy to record the videos and sounds through the HD camera. In the event of the accident, immediate proving the evidence can guarantee drivers’ interests and rights. After installing a dash cam, the interior sensor that is able to be set the sensitivity

1, restore the scene
Vehicle collision, overtaking caused by rear-end, injured pedestrians and other traffic accident, the dash cam can provides the evidence, and these videos can be played in DVD, mobile phone or other player.
2, tired driving
The dash cam can monitor the driving time to avoid tried driving.

  1. Monitor DAZA dash cam monitors the car every time, combining long-range network to control. When the vehicle is lost, the situation inside and outside the vehicle can be photographed with instuctions to provide clues for the recovery of the stolen vehicle.

Main function of the dash cam

  1. record driving process, these videos taken by the dash cam can prove the true driving recorder.
  2. provide the useful evidence for accident to protect drivers’ interests and rights.
  3. it can photograph the emergency condition.
  4. increase the visual angle. HD dash cam, a high technical product with HD DV, photo, record, preview and other functions, is widely used in the car to effectively obtain the evidence for accident and record the beautiful scenery. It is suitable for life, journey, outdoor activities, on business and so on. While the car power on, it will automatically power on, you don’t worry everything. Using loop recording can cover the earliest videos to record the latest videos, when the memory card is full. After boot, it will automatically detect the running and has power off protection, even sudden power failure, it will automatic emergency delay and save the final screen.

dual lens dash cam : http://www.azdome.hk/product-detail-32-azdome-GS65H-1.html

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