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While selecting a dash cam, we will encounter some confusing problem, such “ is higher pixel is better? is the dash cam with wifi,but no screen convenient? Which brand is good?” so i collected these problem and give you an answer.
The lenses are made of glass, are they different?
I have introduce the lens of the dash cam, the parameters about the lens include wide angle, aperture, glass, distortion. In the material, the glass is better than resin. However, i found that almost all of the ecommerce platform’s promoted the lens material in 6G, that is 6 layer glass.

In order to improve the wide angle and the image quality, the dash cam generally used multi-glass, at the same time, it also reduce 30% to 40% light. For improving the transmittance,some high-end dash cam also use multi-layer antireflection film of the advanced optical lens.

Jerry grained lenses ( only coated with a single layer of film) are usually found to be blue-purplr or red under light, while those coated with a multi-layer antireflection film are green or dark purple.

Must the product with Ambarella be better?
A lot of the hidden dash cam are marked with Ambarella A7 chip. Of course, at present, the main chip of the dash cam is series of A7, almost all the people know that it is better. Therefore, Ambarella chip is used in a lot of product.

As such some greedy businessmen began to lie to consumers. They promoted it is Ambarella chip, but they didn’t talk you which one they use. LA70 or LA50/LA55, and others.

At present, the mainstream CMOS is ov4689 that is also used in high-end product. Combined with LA70, it will be stronger. AR0330 is usually used with 96650、LA30,LA50/LA55.

Two parameters about the clarity of the image.
1, sensor pixel
Usually, it is described by 1.3million, 2 million, 3 million, etc. The mainstream CMOS is ov4689(4 million pixel) and ar0330(3 million pixel)

2,Output definition
Usually described in 720p, 1080p and 1296p.

3,Both two are the direct relationship with the photo clarity. However, we always make a mistake these two parameters.

1080p or 1296p
1080p almost become a standard, so do we need higher output? 1080p is about 2.07 million pixel, if the pixel is higher than 1080p, and the pixel must higher than 2 million. The same memory card is used in 1080p and 1296p, for example, the recording time will be reduced, also increase the written times, so the life of memory card will be shorten.

In other words, Clarity is a comprehensive embodiment of product performance, mainly related to image processing chips, image sensors and lenses, not just to see what chips, parameters labeled pixel values. Some bad manufacturers are tampering with the lens, which is no different from the image sensor, but in fact the lens has a big impact on clarity and night vision.

Is the dash cam that can see clear the licence plate number good?
In the case of relatively static, even 720p dash cam can clearly see the front licence plate, so the businessmen in the promotion of the picture is relatively static state to take. The clear licence plate number is relative to relative speed, relative distance, road smoothness, illumination conditions, shooting angle and so on. The general dash cam isn’t pressure for shooting relatively static objects within 3 meters. If there is a displacement, even a good car dvr dashcam may not get a clear licence plate number.

When the distance is controlled within ±10%, the licence plate can be shot clear. In other words, a 60*100mm licence plate, for example, the distance isn’t more than 60mm*10%=6mm, if not, you will get a clear number.

32G is most suitable
Of course, The larger storage is better. When it comes to enough. For example, if you drive your car about 90 minutes, 32G can record 320 minutes, it can record about three days( based on no emergency video) which is enough for a lot of people.

In addition, the quality of the memory card is also very important. You’ best to choose a class 10 card to avoid some common problem.

Nowadays, the dash cam trend to multi-functions, like dash cam with GPS, dash cam wifi, etc, which increase the choosing difficulty to some extent. In my opinion, the single function of the dash cam is enough, therefore, choose a dash cam within your own price range.

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