9 months ago

When you select a 4k dashcam, if you notice the WDR? What is means of WDR? What is the advantage?
WDR wide dynamic is a special automatic light and light technology, which can truly restore the scene, so it is very useful.

Besides, whether in the sunlight during the day, or a tunnel of the backlight, and the night light reflection, it is good to light reflection and interference suppression to make the image clearly.
WDR is a more advance image processing technology, the dash cam with this function can be 30% to determine the choice to buy. However, it mainly looks at the the chip. The poor chip isn’t stable, even if the other functions are excellent.

At present, the high-end chip is Ambarella A12. without limit of the price, it is recommended that choose this chip( this chip is few expensive than others. )

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