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In using the dash cam, it is hard to avoid the problem, the following is the common error and solution of the dash cam. Hope you never use it, retain just in case.

1, crash and fail to boot. Crash refers to the elimination of power problems, the machine doesn’t start the situation or the machine doesn’t respond and keep in certain state.
(1) remove the sd card or tf card, press power button to confirm whether the dash cam is able to boot.
(2) If not, find out RESET and press RESET with needle, than check whether the dash cam is able to boot.
(3) If the machine work normally, the problem is caused by the memory card, please format your memory card.
(4) After insetting the memory card, your machine keep problem, it is recommended to change a new memory card.

(1) check whether the cable is normal, check whether the indicator light of the car charger and dash cam are normal,
(2) Press power button and confirm whether the hidden dash cam work normally. In general, the indicator light of the dash cam will be blue when pressing power button.
(3) Remove the memory card and restart the machine. Press power to check whether the machine is able to boot.
(4) If the problem can’t be solve, please contrast the local after-sales service.

2, automatically stop recording: because of big storage of HD video, so the memory card is full, the machine can’t record the video.
(1) check whether turn on the loop recording
(2) Check the video format and set the video format to save the storage as far as possible
(3)please use TF high-speed card that is compatible with the machine, C4 orC6.

3, playing video is not smooth and leakage. Because it appears error in saving data or the memory card is poor quality.
(1) format your SD card or TF card
(2) Check whether you use fake memory card, if it is, please change a Kingston regular card.

4, big noise, because the machine will appear strong wave sound in the low battery.
Solution: please record with sufficient power or with a charger.

5, playback isn't smooth. Because of the incompatibility of the car or a problem with the player format
(1) first change a computer player
(2) replace a high speed card

6, after connecting the car charger, the indicator light of the car charger and dash cam isn't on
Because of the filling mismatch
Solution: change the original car charger provided by manufacturers.

dash cam loop recording

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