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In recent years, intelligent rear-view mirror dash cam has been popular on the intelligence market. Not only does it have beautiful appearance, but also includes a lot of functions, such as navigator, recording, track playback, reversing image, etc, which obtain good reputations. Insisting humanized design on functions is very worth.

Beautiful appearance
The car represents our status and taste. The interior plane of the car is also an important part. Compared with traditional rear-view mirror, intelligent rear-view mirror is based on the original appearance to present the high-quality.

Real-world navigator
The common navigator of intelligent rear-view mirror is made more sense. We can clearly see the real-world navigator on the intelligent rear-view screen. There is a big picture in crossroads. Combining real-world navigator and recording, without interference with each other, the running speed is fast and the image is smooth.

Good night vision
The intelligent rear-view mirror adopts the blue mirror technology to achieve zero glare. Driving at night, the dazzle light from the rear car may result the blind areas for the front drivers, which greatly increase the rate of the accident and danger. In strong sunshine, the rear-view mirror without blue anti-glare technology results that drivers can’t see anything on the mirror and affect the driving safety. But the sun light reflect dark light to drivers’ eye through the blue rear-view mirror of Meixing mirror. To some extent, it can avoid the relatively safety problem. So if you want to choose a good intelligent rear-view product, having blue anti-glare mirror is a requirement.

Dash cam
The dash cam, as a popular function, can’t be used as a intelligent rear-view mirror, if without any optimization in products. The definition and wide angle of the Meixing dash cam maybe result a big hidden danger and bring some wrong information for drivers. Rear-view dash cam can comprehensive record the time, speed, location and other detailed information to protect drivers safety.

Trajectory playback
The trajectory playback of the intelligent rear-view mirror is a useful tool to cope with racketeers of accident. In order to avoid some racketeers, it is divided into all kind of playback mode to guarantee drivers rights and interests and retain the powerful evidence, which brings more safety and rest for driving.

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