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The wireless dash cam is that the dashcam can transmit the WIFI signal and transmit the data to the electronic device terminal which can receive the WIFI signal, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and so on. You can use these mobile devices to display and operate the 4k dash cam. For example, remote control the parameter, recording, playback, transfer video or photos, setting cloud storage and other functions.

Features of the wireless dash cam
1, wifi network camera is special for Android、Iphone, mobile phone remote to watch /upload videos and share on the social contract.
2, achieve cloud storage, watch remotely videos, unlimited recording time.
3, mini portable design, carry around, powerful function, record a good time of life.
4, wireless dash cam belongs to portable, mobile, mini wireless camera. It can be used as the home security system( including the security of the elderly or children), IP cam, car video recorder and multi-function mini wireless camera.
5, it supports a smartphone or tablet to connect to 4 machines at the same time, strengthen the application of home security system.
6, besides, it also can be used as a monitor in the home, shop, warehouse and so on also can be used in the activities of bicycles and motorcycles.

Common error of the wireless dash cam
1, can’t start
Solution: it is a lower battery, need to restart to charge.
2, stuck
Solution: press power button in five seconds to turn off the machine. Then press power button two times to start the machine
3, no recording
Solution: it doesn’t insert the SD card or the SD card is full or it can’t recognize SD card. Use unique to format the SD card or change a new SD card.
4, forget the passwords of photo
Solution: press mode button and recording button in five seconds to reset.
5, unable to preview in real time
Solution: set the photo on a mobile device.
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