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First, we need to consider what common problem will appear in using the dash cam. In general, the common problem is about the dust on the dash cam lens, so that the quality of the image taken is bad and unclear. Therefore, the dash cam lens needs to be maintained.

1, lens protection: when using the car video recorder, you must equip a UV mirror for your dash cam. In addition, in some special location, such as heavy moisture space, because some uncertain factors will damage the lens. In this time, UV mirror can usefully protect the lens.

2, cleaning protection: using for a long time, the car dash cam will have a lot of dust, so need to be wiped with the safe cloth to keep clean. Cleaning tools must be ready, including ear wash balls, small brush and lens paper.

3, battery protection: a lot of built-in batteries in the dash cam are lithium batteries, and in order to increase storage ability, the first three charges of the new battery should be around 12 hours. Secondly, we should place the battery in a dry, coll environment when we travel, and avoid storing the battery with ordinary metal items, thus causing a short circuit of the battery.

4, stability protection: when we install the dash cam in your car, we must install it firmly, if the installation is not firm, the dash cam will easily move while the car shake, which will have a great influence for the interior element, so we can check whether the dash cam is firm in regular.

5, exposure should be prevented. Car dash cam belongs to a precise electronic product without high-temperature sunscreen, so as far as possible don’t allow the dash cam to be exposed to the high-temperature environment for a long time. Or when you buy a car dash cam, you can choose a dash cam with sunscreen.

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