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Recently, near the Suzhou Wu Jiang District YunDong Road and Pang Shan Road, a car hit a parking car. Both car very serious, but there is no debris. Is this thing simple?

Modern KuaiBaoReporter learned that the traffic police team of Wu Jiang District received a reportone day in late November,saying that when the two cars collided with each other at the entrance of YundongRoad and Pang Shan Road.the police arrived at the scene and found that left side of Ford have been damaged and the other have suffered damage to the rear right side of the crown. When asked, the driver he said he accidentally bumped into the parked crown car while driving the Ford, but it is strange that, from the two car breakage, if lights should be broken, there will be some glass fragmentson the ground, but the scene is very clean, did not see a bit of glass fragments.

At this time, the police found that Ford have been installed a dash cam.The two vehicles were detained and brought back to the police for further investigation. After he heard the police said that he wanted to look at his dash cam, he became very nervous and said to the police hastily that he did not need to deal with it. The police are all the more surprised. After checking the dash cam in the car, he was suspected of forging the scene of the accident, and asked him again, he explained the truth of the matter.

It turned out that on the day of the incident, his friend Mr.Cui accidentally crashed into a parked crown car by driving a Pusang, but the Huangguan car will loss about 34, 000 yuan. And he worry that the pusang insurance is not enough, so Mr.Cui contact Mr.He to help, Mr.He will drive their own Ford car (have insurance) first hit Mr.Cui's Pusang car, and the hit position is similar to the Pusang car. Then drive the Ford car to the Huangguan car and wait for the owner came, He claimed that he drove the car careless and called the police. He pretended to be clever and forge the scene, but the hidden dash cameras for car completely record the whole process.

Modern KuaiBao reporter learned that after being detected by the police, Mr.He andMr.Cui took the initiative to admit the mistake, deeply regret, and proposed to give up handling, bear all the losses themselves. In the end, Mr.Cui paid for the car damage of the Huangguan car, and the losses of Pusang and Ford were borne by Mr. Cui and Mr.He.

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