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We all know that automotive suppliers are a very popular industry, with the increasing number of private cars, the variety of automotive suppliers are beginning popular, among which the dash cam is growth. Many of them also see this business opportunity, have started to start the dash cam commission agent.

First of all, let's understand what the dash cam commission is ?the dash cam commission is a factory that can provide wholesale services or wholesale goods to shopkeepers and reach an agreement with shopkeepers who want to sell dual lens dash cam directly to provide them with data such as commodity pictures rather than physical objects. And to sell on behalf of the price to the online store agent commission. 

Dash cam commission agent to the factory provided by the product pictures and other data on their own online store to sell, after the sale of goods to notify the factory on behalf of the delivery.Among them, Baiyue is a 20-year dash cam factory that sells goods for JingDong, Amazon and many Taobao.

The dash cam commission for someone want to open stores, but no funds of the primary sellers, is undoubtedly the best way to invest, almost zero cost to start a business.And the whole commission process is also relatively simple, no headache purchase, procurement, and other problems, there is no risk of hoarding goods, if their own goods re-commission, but also afraid of commodity hoarding.So many 4k dash cam salesmen use this way to run their online stores.

The dash cam commission only needs to upload the product data provided by the factory to their own online store and sell, receive customers, and do a good shopping guide service can be. commission of dash cam does not need to own delivery, do not worry about after-commission problems, after-commission problems will be done directly by the factory. So you don't have to spend time and energy on the supply, just keep in touch with the buyer.

There are some advantages of dash cam commission as follows:
1, do not bear the risk of purchase: zero cost, zero inventory, shop agent does not need to store goods, the goods sold belong to the factory. 
2, without a material object: the agent generally only provide pictures and other data for sale on their own online stores. 
3, drop-shipping: after selling the goods on the online shop, the agent contacts the factory and ship the goods to the factory. 
4, one from the grant: generally in the factory purchase, must reach a certain amount to enjoy the wholesale price, and online stores selling single pieces are also wholesale price. 

  1. Single transaction to pay cash on delivery: in general, the online store does not need to pay to the factory in advance, but after selling the goods, notify the factory to ship the goods, use Alipay, etc.
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