12 months ago

A lot of video is not always stored in the memory, but record circularly, which record only the most recent video. AZDOME dash cam record images that take a little longer than other similar devices. Because it support 64G memory card to a large extent. And you cam downloads the special APP to watch the video with WIFI on the mobile phone at any time.

Usually according to the situation, generally is half a month, 10minutes of a file, so that it will automatically form a separate file after 10minutes, and then automatically create a new file and repeat.

The dash cam can be set up circulate video or not, circulate video refers to the hidden dash cam can set a few minutes to a video.Delete the first segment after the memory card is full, that is, never be full, on the contrary, turn off the circulate video, the dash cam has a few minutes of setup in the dash cam and then a turn off, when it is turned off. The machine will record directly until the memory is full, will not loop, see how much memory you have.

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