12 months ago

Recently, I went to BBS to see the use of dash cam, many friends complain that the 4k dash cam is not good, the common problem is as follow:

1, how many meters can you see?
2,the car speed is about 40 or 80 miles, can’t see the license plate.
3,can’t see clearly the license plate next to your car
Why do you have this problem? In fact, the dash cam is regarded as the professional sports DV.

To solve the above three problems, must use the professional sports DV, but how much is it? tens of thousand. The dash cam is not the sports DV, you only need to see about three meters front your car, and the blackmailing and colliding happen in close distance. The several hundred yuan thing doesn't compare to the several thousand yuan thing.

Generally, the g sensor dash cam can see clearly 3 to 4 meters license plate and shot clearly the situation front the car. Even if you can’t see clearly the license plate, you can see the shape, color, wheel path of the front car, which also can be the evidence. Some merchant exaggerate publicity it can shoot about ten meters, but it only can see clearly ten meters signpost.

Where the light was out of sight at night, you could not be seen.part of dash cam has IR function, but in fact, IR only is an auxiliary function that makes up the low light. If you want to shoot a clear video in the dark, the night vision used by special forces to fight at night is needed.

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