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How large memory of hd dash cam you choose is according to your need. If you driving long time, you can buy a large one, if you consider the small memory card can meet your need, you can buy the small one. The different capacity is different recording time.

A lot of people maybe say that if the memory card is small, if driving too long, the rear video will cover the front video, it maybe be covered in half when you come back home. This is too much to worry about. When you're driving a video, you can lock in a video as needed so it doesn't be covered.

If you think 8G is small, you can buy 4G or 2G card. When you want to keep the record,you can change card, so buying a big card is really not necessary.
I started with 32G, It is real feel that it is not useful, so i changed a 8G. Although the price of the two cards only several ten yuan, but we should save many. 

The size of the card is not the key. The reality is that a large number of recorder use problems is card operation and is associated with card quality. A few of people know about the need to format the memory card once a month alone.

At present, the memory card of 4k dash cam on the market can only support up to 32Gs. From the above image, we can see that 32GB can be recorded for about 8 hours. The maximum recording time of 16G is about 4 hours; A maximum of 8G can be recorded for about 2 hours. The dash cam memory card capacity and recording time comparison table:

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