about 1 year ago

I'm looking to get something to record high quality while my car is parked, I've been the victim of vandalism that has been going on around my neighborhood and want to safeguard my car.

I was previously using an action camera as a driving only hd dash cam which has since broke and love the idea of a parking mode dash cam to provide coverage of my vehicle at all times. One challenging factor seems to be the camera's parking mode recording quality at night, is this just a universal challenge or do cameras exist with solid night vision parking modes?

I'd like 1080p on both cameras and buffered parking/motion detection mode (not sure what's better) as a minimum which seems to narrow the choices down quite a bit.

Most dashcams with a dedicated parking mode, especially if it is buffered, and that's what you should be looking for, are high quality dashcams. Buffered parking mode means that the camera will record and save video for a short period leading up to an 'event' and for a short period after the 'event'. The video will be placed in a protected folder so that it cannot be erased by overwriting.

I will give you a list of dash cams with buffered parking mode and you can check them out on the web and on YouTube to see what the quality of the recordings are, especially at night, and see which ones appeal to you the most.

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