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It isn’t difficult to find that a lot of taxies is equipped the in-vehicle camera, and the effect is good. it was reported that the taxi driver was robbed, but the robber was quickly caught through in-vehicle camera .some people want to use the in-vehicle camera to replace the dash cam to work 24-hours, which isn’t advisable.

First, the dash cam known as the black box can complete record the car condition .some dash cam have GPS to record the rout and even support the video output, loop video, mobile detection etc. and can use with reversing the image.Beyond that, it is convenience to install.

And the in-vehicle camera usually aimed the situation in the car to prevent thief, especially bus. A system can have many in-vehicle cameras to monitor all-round

Second, in-vehicle cameras usually work temperature of 0 to 50 °.the temperature can drop off when used in the car. the advantage of the dash cam is the high temperature at least more than 50 °in summer.

Third, the in-vehicle camera usually has two kinds of storage devices, one for hard and one for SD cards.The SD has good anti-seismic property but small storage space, the hard generally support 300g. The memory card of the vehicle is usually 8G, 16G and 32G, which is cheaper.

Forth, Installation.it is complex to install and hight price including main engine, camera, hard, materials, labor charges and so on. You can install dash cam by yourself.

Fifth, In-vehicle camera working 24-hours isn’t advisable. Many drivers think that the battery of dash cam has a short life and want to use the in-vehicle camera. if long-turn use does harm to our car battery.A mobile power supply can allow the dash cam to work 24 hours.
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