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Ringlock Scaffoldingis one type of modular scaffolding system. It enables ringlock scaffolders to assemble, use, and disassemble the scaffolding system. Ringlock scaffold is a temporary supporting structure that can be erected speedy and efficient. Therefore, using ringlock scaffolding can save time and labor costs. Ringlock scaffolding system is one of the most sophisticated and complete scaffolding systems on the market.

With the special ringlock scaffolding components: ringlock standard with spigot and ringlock scaffolding plank. Ringlock scaffolding has been designed to keep components minimal to allow for easy erection and dismantlement. A single rosette sits at the core of all ringlock scaffolding components. With a built-in safety mechanism and high load capacity, the ringlock scaffolding system is a popular choice in different kinds of applications.

Ringlock scaffolding system is an ideal structure with complex elevations and shapes. Where angular flexibility is imperative, the ringlock scaffold always delivers. It is designed in less spare parts so it requires minimal space for storage. Ringlock scaffolding system is used for supporting and erecting access structures in the construction industry, offshore construction, industrial maintenance, and shipbuilding.

At the heart of the ringlock scaffold is a single rosette that allows up to four braces and four horizontals to be attached to it with the simple use of a hammer. Ringlock scaffolding can be recycle used.

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