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GI Pipe, whose full name is galvanized iron pipe. GI pipe is manufactured by GI pipe factory with mild steel strips of low carbon steel coils. GI Pipes are generally used for distribution of treated or raw water in rural or urban areas. GI pipes manufactured by GI pipe factory are cheaper, lightweight and easy to handle.

GI pipes are widely used as water & sewage pipes, electric poles. And GI pipe manufactured by GI pipe factory is commonly used for structural purposes, engineering purposes and automotive purposes. GI pipe factory also manufactures GI pipe for oil and gas transmissions purposes.

Galvanized pipes products manufactured by GI pipe factory are featured with higher durability and longevity, weld consistency and integrity, amenable to rigorous fabrication, superior finish and anti-rust coating, greater resistance to corrosion, superior bendability, ease of cutting and threading, and strict adherence to quality standards.

GI Pipe Factory in China
ADTO GROUP, the leading GI Pipe factory in China. We manufacture GI Pipes in various sizes and thickness as per IS, BS, and ASTM standard specification. As a professional manufacturer and GI pipe factory, we offer steel pipes with the highest quality.

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