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The mobile jump starter that once passed away brought a lot of convenience to our life, solved the mobile charging problem of our mobile phone, and now it has passed out a product called the car jump starter. Many friends have been asked on the Internet, how to use the car jump starter? Or car emergency electricity. How to use the source? How to fire a car jump starter? How to use the car jump starter and so on? Let's talk about my experience today.

As you can see, this is the electric general utility jump starter for car I bought, and the green package is more striking. This is a kit that contains products and related accessories.

Let's talk about the main functions of the product first:

1, charging digital products, 5V voltage, smartphone, Bluetooth headset, tablet computer and so on.

2, to notebook charging, is based on 12V, 16V, 19V voltage notebook, the brand is not limited, as long as the adapter can be connected.

  1. A friend who drives a car to a car can often run into a car battery without electricity and can't start the vehicle, especially in winter. I have a 2 displacement car tested on a Mazda 6.

4, emergency lighting, strong light lighting, flash type, and SOS help information lights, Xiaobian think this is more useful, especially in outdoor!

Let's start with the first function here...

Proper use of multi-function car jump starter to 5V digital products charging steps:

  1. First, turn on the main switch of the car jump starter.

  2. Insert the USB connector into the USB interface of the car jump starter.

3, choose the appropriate charging head to charge the phone. Apple 4, apple 5, Apple 6 have special connectors. The other Android smartphones are basically Micro interfaces.

From left to left are USB, Micro, MINI, Apple 5/6, Apple 4.

  1. Connect well, then press the power switch button to charge, then complete the charging operation, and the use of mobile power is the same.

Proper use of multi-function car jump starter to laptop charging steps:

1, confirm how much voltage the notebook input voltage is. This is Lenovo notebook, 20V voltage, we choose 19V voltage supply test here.

2, take off the battery of the notebook, and then supply the power supply, and some manufacturers say that it can be used directly. This operation is possible. After that, it will charge the notebook battery. In the process of energy conversion, there are too many losses, which leads to the use of time to reduce, in the outside business or outdoor, mobile office use, It just takes a long time. I called the manufacturer for technical consultation.

3, choose the right laptop charging connector, which is equipped with 8.

  1. Connect the connector to the laptop.

  2. Connect the notebook adapter to the connector. You can connect it to the laptop again.

6, after opening the emergency switch of the car, the voltage V of the notebook can be switched over by the switch button in 3 seconds. Here we choose the 19V voltage.

7, insert the notebook connector into the notebook output of the multi-function car jump starter.

8, press the laptop boot button to start the test.

9, at this point, the charging steps have been completed. Dear, start your laptop.

Precautions for car jump starter:

1, when there is no adult care, do not let children use the portable car jump starter, should be placed in children can not get the place;

  1. Do not heat or drop the emergency power source into the water or fire. Putting the power in the water will cause the battery to fail, and the battery will break up or accident in the fire.

  2. After using the car jump starter, the power switch should be disconnected in time to avoid fire due to heat and so on.

4, long term non use, need to take charge and discharge once every 3 months or so.

5, car jump starter should be kept in a cool and dry place to avoid direct sunlight.

6, charging with special lithium charger can not be mixed.

7, do not dismantle the car jump starter to avoid accidents.

8, we can not use the car jump starter under the rain. The rainwater will conduct electricity. It is very likely that there will be a short circuit, which will cause the car jump starter to burn because of the sudden large current discharge, which will damage the battery or the danger.

9, you can't touch the positive and negative poles and the negative pole of the car jump starter.

  1. Under the environment of high temperature or high humidity, the reaction of the battery itself can not be stored in a high temperature or high humidity environment, so it can not provide enough capacity to the electrical appliance. In addition, the aging rate of the battery will be greatly accelerated under high temperature and humidity, and will also corrode electronic components (except for high-temperature batteries).

  2. Do not insert the positive and negative pole of the starting port of the car jump starter, or short the metal with the metal, otherwise it will cause the battery to bulge or break up, so as to avoid accidents.

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