5 months ago

What are the types of car jump starter? What's the difference between them. At present, there are mainly two kinds of car jump starter, one is lead-acid battery, the other is lithium polymer. Che Lian's little editor will give you a brief introduction.

The car jump starter of lead-acid battery is more traditional, and the maintenance free lead-acid battery is used. The quality is large and the volume is large. The battery capacity and the starting current are also large. This kind of car jump starter is usually equipped with an inflatable pump, and it also has the functions of over current, overload, overcharge and counter protection. It can charge all kinds of electronic products, and some even have the functions of inverters.

Lithium ion car jump starter is a new trend. It is a newly emerged product with light weight and compact size. Such products are generally not equipped with inflatable pumps, with overcharging and shut-off functions, and more powerful lighting functions, which can provide power for all kinds of electronic products. Such products usually have the function of flash or SOS remote LED rescue lamp, which is more practical.

Charging, please use a random special electric appliance to charge. Before the first use, please charge the machine for 12 hours, lithium ion polymer battery usually 4 hours can be filled, not as long as said the longer the better. The maintenance free lead-acid battery has different charging time depending on the product capacity, but charging is often longer than that of the lithium polymer battery.

The above is about what kind of jump starter for car is divided into, what is the difference between the introduction. If you are interested in emergency power supply, you can pay attention to the official website, or consult customer service for details.


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