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Recently, many users have reflected some problems about the charging of car jump starter. The biggest problem is that the starting power of the car can not be charged. What's the use of the car's starting power without electricity? Useless! The charging power of a car jump starter is slow enough to accept. If it is not charged, it is due to the power output limits set by the manufacturers. So how to analyze and solve these problems?

  1. check data lines against mobile phones or digital products.

If you do not match, you can use your mobile phone or digital product itself to connect the jump cables with the car jump starter, so the compatibility will be better.

  1. Check the quality of the transfer head

If there is a quality problem, you can find a replacement head for the manufacturer during the change period, such as buying the same switch head, or charging the data line with the mobile phone or the digital product itself.

  1. See if the double - wire is bad

In the same way, the replacement period can be replaced by the manufacturer, such as buying a same double line or charging the data line with a mobile phone or the digital product itself.

  1. The mismatch between the connecting head and the double wire

In general, the regular manufacturers are small and few, if you really meet, direct the manufacturer to return the goods, or use a mobile phone or digital product original data line charge.

  1. Check whether the contact between the starting power of the car and the double cable is solid.

If the contact between the starting power supply and the double pull wire interface is not firm, it may be that the USB interface on the starting power is loosened many times during the use process. The warranty can be returned to the factory during the warranty period. It is not in the warranty period and is paid back to the factory for repair.

  1. The voltage of car jump starter may be too low

The voltage of the car jump starter power bank is usually around 5V. The general mobile equipment is not related, but some cell phones require a constant voltage to be charged on a few volts. If it is such a mobile phone, it can be explained by the manufacturer, and the voltage volt number of the power supply is adjusted.

In general, the car jump starter by the regular manufacturers will not have these low-level problems. All of the recommendations are best to buy certified and guaranteed car jump starter manufacturers.

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