5 months ago

For the porous USB HUB, the basic reason is that the USB interface is not enough to meet the use of the daily external equipment, such as the access to the keyboard and mouse U disk to move the hard disk and so on. In the purchase of USB type-c HUB, one of the individual values is the USB interface type, after all, USB3.0 has been popularized; two is the performance, and the plug - in device can still be normally recognized by computers, smart TV and other equipment, and can meet the needs of some devices such as mobile phones.

For USB HUB, power supply stability is a very important part, some can be powered directly through the USB interface of the equipment, but some will need to match the power adapter for independent power supply. For this ORICO M3H4 four hole USB3.0 HUB, the place to pay attention is to use four USB3.0 interfaces, but because there are only four interfaces of the interface, there is no additional independent power adapter like M3H7, which can directly connect the computer to the mobile phone, tablet and other equipment, more suitable for travel. For the first time, the USB3.0 special line that has been struck by the hand is really too rough. The material is very excellent, and the 7 core oxygen free copper core twisted pair is used, and the aluminum foil shield is used to resist interference and ensure the transmission speed.

ORICO M3H4 is designed with an integrated aluminum structure style. The surface of the fuselage is anodized and sandblasting. It feels good and looks beautiful. The internal solid state capacitor PCB circuit design and VIA fast dual core chip provide a stable hardware foundation for multi device simultaneous charging and normal connection. The surface of the fuselage is designed with a power indicator, which can be displayed as blue after power on.

CNC with an integrated cutting process makes the fuselage look soft, and the fuselage uses 30 degrees of ergonomic elevation design, more convenient in the plug - in equipment or on the USB line. The left side of the fuselage is also designed with a USB3.0 interface, that is, the power adapter interface. Both sides of the side of the side are CD seal design, rather quality, only in the detail work to be improved, because the edge of the gap is obvious, affecting the beauty of the product.

On the skid resistance, there are two antiskid silicone pads at the bottom, which will make the desktop more stable.

For USB C HUB, it is not only for the use of computers, but also for smart TV and even set-top boxes. Taking music video screen as an example, there are only two interfaces, one USB2.0 and one USB3.0, which will usually connect a wired handle, a mouse and a mobile hard disk. The interface occupancy rate is very high, and it is not enough to use, and the significance of Orico M3H4 is to allow multiple external devices to use at the same time.

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