7 months ago

For the Usb type-c cable, we have been familiar to us for a year. We have heard too much about it. We don't know what advantages it has. It's like we have worn a pair of shoes for more than a year, and I don't remember what it looks like. Next we will understand the advantages of the usb type-c cable.

  1. from the rate of charging: the advantage of the Usb type-c cable is that it supports a higher electric current, that is, more current will be passed by Type-C at the same time, so that the charging speed of the device will be faster. The current charge current of most Usb type-c cables is generally 2A. If the charging rate is to reach 2A, it needs to match the charging plug, that is, if the charge head supports only 1A, whether it is using 1A or 2A data line to charge, it is fundamentally different; if the current supported by the charge head is 2A With the Usb type-c cable of 2A, the effect can be changed obviously.

  2. from the charging function: it has a bidirectional charging function, the equipment carrying the Type-C interface can be charged through the Type-C cable to connect the mobile power supply. The user does not need to carry the cable with the charge plug and the usb Type-C cable. In addition, when selecting the Type-C cable, focus on the current limit, 1A usb c cable does not have fast charging performance, 2A is fast charging Type-C cable, if you want to have fast charging effect, you must choose the Type-C charging data line with 2A current.

Remember that the cable with fast charging function needs to match the fast charging plug to achieve the best result.

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