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Although there are regional differences in the global automobile market, the types of cars are different, but they can not stop the impact of cars on people's daily life. With the drop in oil prices and consumer purchasing power, the global car market is also growing steadily. The continuous expansion of the automobile market has also stimulated consumers' desire to buy various kinds of vehicle products.

In the age of intelligence, the demand for equipment charging is increasing as the popularity of mobile or digital devices is increasing. For high-grade cars directly equipped with USB interface, the charging problem is also easy to solve, while others need to plug in a dual USB car charger on the cigar lighter. This makes car charger gradually become one of the essential vehicle products for every vehicle owner.

The increase of car charging demand, the usb car charging market inevitably ushered in the same encounter with other IT products: competitive products, product overall price is lower, product homogenization serious, product quality is uneven and so on. New and old brands want to break through the Red Sea, only to continue to tap the potential of car charging.

Mature time: wireless charging technology

Wireless charging products have caused widespread concern in the consumer and product circles. It can not only reduce the use rate of the data interface of the machine itself, reduce the probability of damage, but also charge a number of mobile phones at the same time. It has a great potential for development.

In the field of mobile phone, wireless charging technology has become a new selling point. But because of the limitations of wireless charging technology in cost and energy conversion, there are only a few high-end models that can be used in this technology, and the popularity rate is miserable.

The use of wireless charging technology on vehicles has the advantages of avoiding data line connection, reducing equipment wear rate and simplifying operation. For this reason, many manufacturers are trying to provide solutions, which are applied only to a small number of cars, and have not brought about a real revolution.

More helpless is that the current phase of the wireless charging scheme is embedded in the car, and can not be as free as a car filled with a cigarette port can be recharged. Therefore, the application of wireless charging to vehicle charging is a good idea for many car owners. However, due to technical barriers, the maturity of this scheme still takes time.

Trend trend: intelligent car charging

With the advent of the intelligent tide, the concept of intellectualization gradually begins to penetrate into all walks of life and all aspects of our life, such as intelligent sockets, intelligent routing, etc. According to this trend, the emergence of smart car charging products is an indisputable fact. In the author's view, intelligent vehicle can provide different charging modes and corresponding algorithms for the characteristics of each battery to achieve the best charging effect (such as the AutoMax intelligent shunting technology of MOMAX); detect the current anomalies of the vehicle driving, so as to start the protection scheme for the user equipment.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, a wave of all equipment, machine intelligence and networking around us will be swept. The hardware equipment will have the operating system and will be the nodes on the mobile Internet, and all the intelligent operations can be realized through the cloud service. Compared with the current smart car charging, we can experience the intelligent road of vehicle charging deeply.

Diversity is more attractive: product added value

When the "wireless charging technology" and "intelligent" technology are not mature, "product differentiation" will be the most effective means of interpreting the potential of the car at the present stage. And "safety" is one of the core of the product differentiation of all the big cars, some of which are annotated on the safety performance of the car, and some of the driver's driving safety.

Some car charging products are made of all metal materials, and the safety hammer design is used at the bottom of the vehicle charging, so that users can smash the windows to escape at critical times.

Some are innovating at the USB interface of the car, such as the design can be positive and negative USB interface, so that the driver does not need to consider the positive and negative data line when driving the data line, so that the driver can put 100% of the attention on the driving of the car.


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