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The concept of wireless charging has been in the 1830s, but it has not been heated and continued for a century. The reason is that the technology was not mature enough, the transmission efficiency was too low, and there was a great danger. At that time, electromagnetic radiation was only suitable for transmitting information, and was not suitable for transmitting energy. Until now the emergence of iPhone X, wireless charger really to the market attention and development.

Under the leadership of iPhone manufacturers, more and more mobile phone manufacturers are launching wireless smart phones. What is wireless charger?

Wireless charging technology is a skill to completely charge the device by using the magnetic field generated by the coil without using wires. It has five kinds of charging specifications: Qi specification, PMA specification, A4WP specification, iNPOFi specification, Wi-Po specification, which are completed by three methods, namely electromagnetic induction, radio wave, and resonance effect.

Compared with traditional data line charging, what advantages does wireless charger with technology sense have?

In fact, from the appearance of wire charging and wireless charging, it can be seen that the wireless charge can be separated from the connection of the data line according to the principle, and the more convenient charging method avoids the plug in the physical charging of the data line cell phone. Contrast loss is smaller, cell phone life longer; desktop wire confusion will be significantly improved.

After getting rid of the data line, the mobile phone is more convenient and safer to charge, without the exposed interface, and not to take a cell phone on one side and charge the phone with a data line in one hand. For us, leakage, electricity and safety hazards are not matters. Not beautiful. When wireless charging technology is popularized to any electronic device or intelligent hardware, it is absolutely convenient to go out. The field of wireless charging can improve many things in life. No wonder Apple has to enter the wireless charging industry.
What kind of wireless charger is good?

1, support fast charge

For most users, the mobile phone becomes his own partner, where to go, and the speed of charging is definitely better. With the wireless fast charging on the market now, 10W high power fast charging is almost the same.

2, portability

For mobile phone users, charging equipment is a high utilization product, so it must be portable. Especially for some small partners who often travel and travel, a small, exquisite and high-tech wireless charging is definitely welcome.

  1. Compatibility

Many people have more than one cell phone, and two or three departments are not sure. When you face a few lines of data, if you feel cumbersome, the qi wireless charger pad can help you, because the wireless charge can be compatible with the different devices that are certified by QI so you can just charge all the phones with a wireless charger, not very nice.

  1. Induction interval

In the love of the mobile phone, many friends will bring the shell to the mobile phone. You should choose a wireless sensor that is as large as possible.

  1. Safety

Security has always been the hard demand of the product. A safe wireless charger pad must have many protection functions such as overcharge protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and so on.

  1. High cost performance

Everyone loves cheap and cheap things, but both apple and Samsung, the official self - sold wireless charger is too expensive for many friends. It's really hard.

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