7 months ago

The traffic regulations in Russia are different from those in China. I think a lot of countries make way for pedestrians. As far as I can see, in addition to the lack of widespread cameras and the inability to analyze the causes of accidents, there is also the identification of responsibility between pedestrians. I have personally experienced. My friend didn’t want to go far so he cross the road, at a result, he was hit by a driver and injured. After the police saw the record, and found the it was his responsibility and he went to the police to make a record and paid a fine. Why?

The roads in Russia are very bad. On the one hand, most of the roads in big cities are not spacious, the second aspect is that Russians drive very hard, and the drunk driving rate is also very high. In Russia there is a old adage that our two great tragedies in Russia are roads and fools.

Russia's road cameras are not as good as China's, and getting evidence is very difficult. Russia's urban areas (at least in big cities) have maintained the Soviet landscape without large-scale urban construction (private property rights and cultural protection), and as a result there is no condition on the road to erect modern traffic lights and cameras. As far as I can see, I've seen similar cameras at just a few junctions.

The penetration rate is still very high, Russians usually install a car dvr camera. In the event of the accident, everything is on the video. My friends do this business, which is so good.


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