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Samsung's flagship machine has been carrying wireless charging for a long time, and Apple iPhone 8, after changing the back of the back of the glass, finally plans to add to this convenient charging method. According to Macotakara exposure, iPhone 8 is sure to add wireless charging, but the maximum charging power is only 7.5W, and there is a gap between the latest standards for the Qi wireless charging.

Because of the Note 7 recall, Samsung's new flagship has no significant improvement in charging speed, although the wireless charging on the S8 is in accordance with the QC2.0 fast charge protocol, the power is only about 10W - considering that the wireless charging should also consider the conversion rate, the actual speed is much slower than the 15W line. IPhone8 really uses 7.5W power to charge a little slower than Samsung, but the apple cell phone has a smaller battery, and the actual charging time should not be far behind.

For Android flagship, fast charging has become one of the most basic functions. However, its impact on battery life is still to be studied. iPhone is balanced in various performance, but very conservative in battery capacity and charging speed - even if system optimization is ideal for power control, the overall endurance is still hard to meet the needs of heavy users (and iPhone8 will also carry a 5.8-inch screen). The 7.5 watts of charging power is large to ensure wireless charging and cell phone safety, and Apple should also require a third party wireless charging seat to apply for MFi certification, which means that most of the Qi wireless charging devices on the market will not be suitable for the first time and iPhone 8.

It is worth mentioning that Apple's appeal is not a Samsung power ratio, and if iPhone 8 can add wireless charging, it is believed that domestic manufacturers will also be quick to follow, and it is good for the development of wireless charging technology. However, according to the urination of apple, the wireless charging base is impossible to give to users with iPhone 8, so you want to feel the charm of wireless charging, and you have to get your wallet in place in advance...

what is qi wireless charging?

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