9 months ago

Everyone hopes that they have technology products can be durable, timeless, but in the face of the habit of using the change, the reality is always cruel and skinny. Some of the things that are applied to the right place are often swept by new hardware and software, because these new rules are often more advanced, more subversive and more representative of future trends.
For example, the standard USB interface changes the common industry standard, although technology giants have been promoting the iteration of new products, but the overall replacement of the user in the hands of the stock, need to wait for a period of time, and in order to fit a common industry standard interface, users will choose to buy all kinds of transfer line silently to solve the interface the problem.

In recent years, in order to make the notebook body lighter, the manufacturers have cut off all kinds of large and functional interfaces. Instead, they are a lightweight and integrated interface system: USB Type-C. Although the market is still there are a lot of products is currently required by the adapter to access USB-C, but I believe that this transition will not last long, because some enterprises have started to develop and have released a new product with USB-C interface, in order to adapt to this new interface standard is coming, and in the layout of their products as soon as possible on the expansion of industry upgrading based on USB-C interface wave is gradually opened.

For the whole technology industry, USB-C is an accepted technology trend in the future. It uses symmetrical design without the need to distinguish positive and negative. With the latest USB 3.1 standard, USB-C has replaced HDMI, DP, VGA and USB-A with only one interface, and has high-speed data, audio / video and power transmission function. It gives the display more functionality and more interactive, which provides a new possibility for the display to become the core of the desktop data interaction. This change in the interface has triggered a data transmission revolution and an overall consumer experience upgrade.

Taking personal use as an example, I used 13 inch MacBook Air before, and in order to make my job more convenient, I equipped with mechanical keyboard, mobile hard disk, monitor and earphone. The four accessories plus laptop power basically occupy all the interfaces except SD card slot. Although the efficiency is obvious, the connection is painful.
Last month, I upgraded the office machine to a new MacBook Pro with 4 completely identical USB-C interfaces. In order to avoid a desktop mess scene, I decided to go with a USB-C interface to support the display interface compatible with the new. At present, among all the brand products sold, the selected models are not really much.

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