8 months ago

In order to prevent racketeers, the dash cam has become a necessary product for the car. There are all kind of the dash cam on the market, and the price is various.

The reporter know that it is difficult to what brand of the dash cam is good for consumers, because of the different brand and type. Next, according to the professional test and the using condition, i recommended these dash cam brand.

AZDOME dash cam is a well-know brand, focusing on the dash cam for many years and reaching their own technology. Its big advantages are good stable performance, high quality, good after-sales service.

AZDOME DAB211 is a latest hidden dash cam, having a built-in battery and supporting to connect to mobile phone. AZDOME DAB211 with high definition, since launched, gained more good reputation. In general, it is worth to buy this dash cam.

DDPAI dash cam
DDPAI is the first promoting mobile phone wireless connection brand of intelligent dash cam. Remote photography and social contract sharing obtain a lot of consumers. Its image is clear and detailed.
The featured product of DDPAI is the dash cam without screen, so you can use mobile phone to watch the video. Use wifi to combine mobile phone and dash cam. The price of the dash cam isn't high.

xiaoyi dash cam
Xiaoyi, the new brand from Xiaomi's ecological chain enterprises, introduced several dash cam products with higher specifications and lower prices and greatly welcomed by the car friends. Small ant car recorder fuselage uses PC/ABS material, front panel imitating metal panel more wear-resistant and scrape, matte material looks very atmospheric, fuselage uses gray material, slightly smaller than cigarette box,so it also looks very small.

It is important to buy a brand dash cam, because they have certain guarantees in terms of quality and credibility. These brands recommended above can be used as a reference for “what brand is good for dash cam?”.

About the dual lens dashcamera price, we suggested that you buy 500 yuan to 800 yuan product. Compared with cheap copy product, these are reliable. If you don’t consider the price, you can pay for flagship product about 1,500 yuan.


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