8 months ago

Once i drove a car through a speedmeter eye, and it flashed me for no reason. I was sure i wasn't speeding, so i went back to the e-eye at a lower speed, and it flashed again. I was very confused, so i tried again. There is no doubt that it flashed again. Finally, i got four tickets for not wearing my seat belt.

The hidden dash cam manufacturers always talk about the user experience, but they can do that and also bring some bad experience. For driving safety, the dash cam give a great help for the drivers. For the using experience, they always produced some dash cam with many button, or with unreasonable screen size, and so on. Although the built-in battery is useful for the parking monitoring, but at most, it only can use two hours.

Are there any solutions? Of course. It is AZDOME GS63H. that is a dash cam, but different with the common dash cam, because it doesn't has complex the buttons and setting .

AZDOM GS63H, with a concise design, 1080p/60fps, 150 degree, 6-layers glass lens, Sony Exmor CMOS, ensure the shooting effect, even in nighttime.

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