9 months ago

In order to meet users’ needs, the dash cam has been gradually upgraded, there are four types of it, including portable dash cam, rear-view dash cam, hidden dash cam or special dash cam.

The dash cam is to record driving process and restore the scene. Once a accident happened, without powerful evidence, it is difficult to distinguish the responsibility, sometimes you might compensate for loss. In order to avoid this event, installing a dash cam is important.

The life of the dash cam
The work environment of the dash cam is very serious. It always faced to the low or high temperature, which accelerates the aging of the dash cam. Usually, a life of the dash cam is about 2 to 3 years, otherwise it might appear leakage, blurred image and other problems.

Future development
Although a few brand of the car was equipped with dash cam, but i didn’t think it was right. First, the life of the dash cam is about 2 to 3years, although the dash cam can be changed when maintaining, but the profit is few. For the safety, once error, it might result many negative effect.

Although there are all kind of the dash cam, the technology isn’t hard. It consists of the program, lens and sensor. Only some models, it can be produced, however, its quality is not good.

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