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The problem of the driving safety is the important things for drivers. It is impossible to encounter some unexpected things on driving way, so installing a electric product is necessary, especial dash cam, which can record HD driving video to racketeers of accident. Follow me to look at which dash cam is the best .

Product model: DDPAI mini2 dash cam
Product feature: Bluetooth remote, connect to mobile phone.

DDPAI mini2 dash cam is cylindrical, bright black and dark gray two colors, supporting for hidden installation without any destruction. The mini2 dash cam supports 1440P, 1080P and 720P. It uses H.264 compression mode and is fixed with 3M mount. Although without screen, its built-in wifi can connect to mobile phone to transmit the video with app, anther feature of DDPAI is that the image can be edit on the app and be shared to social contract. It is equipped with HI3516D and OmniVision sensor, the maximum support 64G.

Product model: 360 M302 dash cam
Product feature: wifi, app

now, i am going to introduce a dash cam with wifi, 360 M320 dash cam that is a rear-view type. 360 M302, using the rear-view type, is convenient to be carried and installed. Besides, the dash cam has a lot of function, such as air gesture, only you wave your hands, it can take a photo in photo mode. What convenient it is ! in addition, parking monitoring are very attracting function. The built-in G-sensor can lock and save the accident video.

Product, model: HS790B streaming video mirror dash cam
Product feature: front and rear 1080p , wifi, intelligent speaker

HS790b is equipped with a 9.88 inch IPS screen, using advanced full-bonding technology so than the mirror is transparent. Use wifi to use letu APP to check your dash cam transmission image. Combining 6 layers glass mirror, F1.8, front and rear 1080p lens, it not only isn’t afraid of the high temperature, but also give you a clear night vision effect. At the same time, press anywhere to switch the front and rear image, also set the double image on the screen.
car video recorder:http://www.azdome.hk/news-detail-218.html

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