9 months ago

Now a lot of dash cam has all kind of function. E-xing dash cam, for example, is a dual lens dash cam. The rear camera can be installed in the rear of the car.

Although this product is not expensive and has anther lens, through the test, this dash cam is very poor in image quality.
Therefore, the basic function of the car video recorder to ensure the image quality is the first requirement.

A new product, for example, with 1080p/30fps, has a good effect in daytime, but the night vision effect is poor.
4G network, voice control, navigator or other function have a few problem. But for some function, you should pay some money. For example, the basic-level is more than 500 yuan. With ADAS, the dash cam is about $900.

For the “multifunctional dash cam” that meets the image quality requirement, we advice is if your car is a low grade car pr a longer one, and you want to experience the voice control and other new feature, you can buy a dash cam, like cloud mirror with complex functions.

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