9 months ago

I am a person who always consider whether i have to buy a dash cam, the reason is that i don’t like its appearance, especial rear view dash cam with multi-function. So i have fluky mentality and always though that it is impossible to appear unclear accident. But my family always are worried about me and hastened to installing. So i want to seek a dash cam with small size, HD wide angle and reasonable price.

AZDOME have launched a HD wide angle wireless dash cam, and i plant to try it. if it is useful, i can directly paid for it, at least its appearance can meet my needs. In fact, i know that there are a lot of advantages of the dash cam, preventing racketeers, using as evidence, also recording the beautiful scenery.

When i first look at AZDOME HD wide angle wireless dash cam, i feel it like a sport camera. The small size was in line with my first goal for the dash cam. But it can’t totally be hided behind the interior mirror. With the help of the 150 degree, it basically has no blind area. 4k image quality brings the clear photos. In the event of the collision, the dash cam loop recording will automatically starts to recording. Built-in GPS module and WIFI is convenient to connect mobile phone to check videos.

dual lens dash cam: http://www.azdome.hk/product-detail-32-azdome-GS65H-1.html

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