9 months ago

The legal society pays attention to the evidence. For diving safety,the dash cam is useful tool to restore the truth and collect evidence. In recent year, the dash cam 4k has been maintaining good sales on the market with practical, low prices, but in the rapid development of science and technology today, How far can a single function dash cam go?

The same thing appears many times in the new law “when a vehicle crosses a road, other vehicles and pedestrians should be avoided.”in other words, motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents, the motor vehicle side should at least bear secondary responsibility. And many pedestrians use this regulation to "protect" themselves, thinking that they are a "disadvantaged group", drivers do not hit me.

Some people want to use this rule to make some money. This racketeers always want to gain without work, disturb the normal order of the society, bring about improper atmosphere. Because of them, the development of the car video recorder industry and technological innovation are promoted , large wide angle, back and forth dual recording, emergency video are all applied.

Nowadays, some racketeers of the accident appears, in order to protect their own safety and prevent the loss of their property, the installation of a dash cam is imperative.

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