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With the development of the dash cam industry, the dash cam has become a necessary product. In the event of the accident, it may be a witness, provide evidence for obeying traffic rules drivers, record the illegal driving, restore scene. With the development of the technology, the dash cam gradually upgrade. The pixel of the dash cam is higher and higher, more and more new brand become popular. Today, i will recommend several popular big dash cam brand in 2018.

I believe that you may familiar with 360 dash cam that is produced by 360 company, because of its high performance and low price attracted more consumers, it is said that it is high cost effective, and the most influence brand.

The second generation material of 360 car video recorder is PC material, and the hardware part is equipped with Ambarella A12 chip, Aptina AR0238 high definition image sensor, 3um X3um very large pixel,165 ° wide angle, maximum F2.0, 6 layers of glass and 1 IR module.

It not only has the function of the traditional dash cam, but also include ADAS. When the car is offtrack or close to the front car, the machine will warn in advance to protect the driving safety. At the same time, it support the APP to playback the concept and compile to share with your friends.

360 provide mobile phone APP, however, at present, only support Android. Because it is in the check stage, so IOS users can’t use this moment. It is noticed that, when the dash cam connect to APP, the machine will automatically stop recording.

The night effect is poor than daytime effect, even if the licence plate can be see clear, but the image is serious noisy and the image is blurred. It is difficult to distinguish the licence plate number more than 3 meters, after all, the strength of the 360 isn’t high definition.

Lingdu is the Chinese brand of Shenzhen Duomeijie Technology Co., Ltd., which entered the Chinese market in December 2011. Ling launched the industry's first Ambarella dash cam, equipped with a 2.7-inch HD LCD screen, F / 1. 6 aperture, 178 degrees wide angle, 2560*1440P SuperHD.It realizes the multi-functions such as delay photography, parking monitoring, track deviation warning, forewarning and so on. The resolution can reach 2560 * 1440P/30fps.

Due to the wider vision, DAB211 has excellent night vision, which is useful for the driving at night. Therefore, lingdu dash cam has unique consumers.

In the practical test, the whole definition are very praised by consumers. With the general white balance and direct wide angel, the performance is mainstream.

xiaoyi dash cam
Xiaoyi, the new brand from Xiaomi's ecological chain enterprises, introduced several dash cam products with higher specifications and lower prices and greatly welcomed by the car friends. Small ant car recorder fuselage uses PC/ABS material, front panel imitating metal panel more wear-resistant and scrape, matte material looks very atmospheric, fuselage uses gray material, slightly smaller than cigarette box,so it also looks very small.

The Xiaoyi dash cam is equipped with 2.7-inch screen, F / 1.8, 165 degrees wide angle and a 3-axis gravity sensor, Because of its built-in 2.4Ghz, it support the WIFI one-click transmission to your phone.

in addition, xiaoyi hidden dash cam are also added to the ADAS , which can provide real-time intelligent lane shift warning, as well as share function. The beautiful scenery and funny picture on your trip can be shared to your friends in real time.

On the screenshot taken in daytime and nighttime, it is obvious that the xiaoyi dash cam has bad light inhibition. And there are a lot of noise on the image. But to our surprised, it keeps the high standard to recording, the licence plate of both sides of your car can be shot clearly. In my opinion, it has a large developing space on the image quality.
dual dash cam:http://www.azdome.hk/news-detail-206.html

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