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Q: what is the function of the dash cam? Why does we install a dash cam?
A: prevent racketeers of traffic and convenient to distinguish the accident responsibility.
Solution: of course, the most important function of the
dual lens dash cam is to prevent racketeers, the policeman can use the video taken to distinguish responsibility, a few people want to take beauty spots.

Q: where racketeers of traffic often occur? Which direction?
A: some people deliberately triggered the accident to blackmail. Racketeers of accident often appear on both sides, they pretend to be run into by the right or left or the car.
Such these accident occur in crowded places, illegal driving, sparsely populated suburbs. The reason is very simply. If the racketeers encountered the novice, they may die under the car. On the right side of the front is the place where these accidents occur. So it is very important for the car to shoot the both sides of the car.

Q: is it necessary to shoot licence plate clearly?
A: it is necessary to record the licence plate within 2 meters in front of your car. If some one fled the scene after the incident, you can shoot his licence plate number. It is not necessary to record the licence plate more than 3 meters. Because it makes no sense.
how to hardwire dash cam

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