10 months ago

As the need for the dash cam on the market increase, good products, and poor products will appear on the market together. In fact, this kind of reason is that Chinese people have a strong ability to imitate. So in various products, how do we choose the best budget dash cam?

First, when we select the dash cam, you must pay attention to the video quality that is the video clarity. At present, there are high definition and ordinary definition dash cam. 720p is HD, with the development of technology, 1080p is the HD now, but expensive, in general, 720p is enough for ours.

Secondly, when we select the car video recorder, we must look at whether the dash cam leak seconds. The dash cam will save the video a piece of time, Leak seconds is whether between two videos have a good connection, a good product with a complete connection has a high requirement for the processor and insert the memory card. It is recommended that don’t purchase the dash cam that leak seconds if an accident happens in leak seconds, how do we do?

Finally, it the photography angle. When selecting, many people considered that the larger angle is better. But it is wrong. The larger wide angle will have more deformation for the image. In general, 100°is enough for us, so it is unnecessary to buy an ultra wide angle. According to your need and hobbies to decide whether to buy a large wide-angle dash cam.

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