10 months ago

Recently, my colleagues go to his BMW 320li car to open the door to dissipate heat every day. one day, I found that his sucker of his dual lens dash cam fell down frequently. I was very surprised. So I want to write this article. Next, i am going to introduce some resolution.

Method #1: it is very convenient for short-term use.
1, water: put a few water on the interface when sticking. But the water will evaporate, the sucker will fall down.
2, cream: put a few cream on the interface, then use paper to wipe the redundant cream, the dash cam is fixed. But it may fall down again.

Method #2: this is the best method for people who would not forget to bring the tool.
1, egg white: wipe a sucker interface with egg white, it is very solid and easy cleaning.
2, double-tape: cut a double-tape as big as your fingernail, then stick in the middle of the sucker. Then fix to the front windshield. This method is very solid. You don’t worry that it is difficult to remove the tape, only essential balm.
Finally, I want to emphasize that you must clean the front windshield. In addition, these methods are also suitable for some home hook rack.

hidden dash cam:http://www.azdome.hk/news-detail-226.html

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