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At present, there are too many brands of the dash cam, and various model, which is no doubt that it increases the difficulty in selecting for users. Following night aspects, users can buy the proper dash cam.

1, select a big brand dash cam.
2, beautiful appearance
If you don’t like this product, even if the machine is powerful, you also feel bad. So it is recommended that don’t choose some strange or mediocre dash cam.
3, choose cost-effective dash cam
Some dash cam is so expensive, about three thousand. Does it have a lot of function? Navigator, playback and so on, but a lot of dash cam are equipped with these function. At present, the performance of the best budget dashcams about 200 to 600 yuan is excellent, so choosing a 500 yuan dash cam is enough.
4, installing well
There is three installation method. One is to insert the headstock, which is so troublesome that you must ask a professional master to refit. One is paste type, which is relatively simple, but it is easy to fall off at high temperature and it is difficult to remove the glue. Anther is sucker type, which is the most common. Installing or removing is so simple, so we recommended this method.
5, choose HD dash cam
Buying a dash cam is for shooting and recording the front condition. If the image taken your product is blurred, it is too worse. so you must choose more than 720p dash cam. Now the best dash cam is 1080p, even HD dash cam.
6, choose large wide-angle dash cam
The lens must have a large wide-angle to shoot both sides of the car, at least 120 degrees. Now the good dash cam is generally about 120 degree to 140 degrees. AZDOME and other brand reach 150 degree and 160 degrees.
7, shoot distant view and night vision clearly.
This is relative to the design of the lens, rather than HD, especial shooting at night, if the definition is not good, the license plate/ billboard is not clear, the g sensor dash cam makes no sense. At present, A305 and A307 from AZDOME are good in night vision.
8, It is better to equip a polarizer.
What is the polarizer? For example, it is like a sunglasses for anti-reflective. At present, there is six hundred dash cam without polarizer on the market, so resulting in the poor shooting effect in strong light, but a few brand equips polarize for 500 yuan dash cam.
9, don’t ignore some regular functions.
Some common technical standards on dash cam, for example, the aperture is generally suitable for F2.0 to F2.4. support 32g to 64g, support USB power supply and so on.

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