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We live in an age where products can change the world. In essence, each product can solve a certain problem and make life convenient. The primary value of the dash cam was to prevent the racketeer.

A car video recorder usually has a lot of function, such as video, photography, sound, storage, etc. It can continue to record the driving process and provide evidence for accident. Users not only can avoid condition like racketeers, but also can provide credible evidence for handing traffic accident.

Of course, a dash cam with single dash cam can meet our needs. With the development of the technology, hardware is continually upgraded. For example, users can use the 4k dashcam with video and photography function to record and photograph the scenery, then share on the social contract media. The popular artificial intelligence must combine east and west. Smart hardware simply put into Android or connected to the Internet with WIFI. The real value of artificial intelligence is to connect the artificial intelligence big data and artificial brain,so that intelligent hardware and users have a good interaction.

This is the rule of hardware evolution under the development of science and technology. At the same time, dash cam companies can also connect with traffic police, road administration and other departments, cooperate with insurance companies, and connect with other equipment to further effectively solve the problem of safe travel.

E-dogs, navigators and dash cam have been the main products of the domestic automotive electronics market, and the first two have fallen, so where is the future of dash cam? in Wuhan Dianjing exhibition in the middle of the year, the dash cam did not show much breakthrough. Although the hidden dashcam has brought new elements to the industry, but the panoramic image system, intelligent rear-view dash cam and other emerging products have also formed a certain impact on the original market.

However, with the trend of consumption demand and consumption upgrading in China’s automobile market, the gap of intelligent hardware is still huge, it is true that all parties are also continuing to seize the market, introducing high-quality scientific and technological products and services to thousands of drivers.

Among them, there are design brands from Taiwan, DOD, PAPAGO, Punuode, Xiaoyi. 360, Letv and HP are well-known software and hardware, Internet companies, start-up companies has DDPAI, Jiluke and AutoBot. There are companies that are also in the intelligent terminal, car hardware accumulation for a long period of time, for example, Lingdu long-term focus on the development and manufacture of dash cm, General Iron is the automotive electronics brand. E-xing is established in 2006, the GPS navigator brand. Toumei has been focusing on auto parts. Mi-Dog is a domestic smart device developer Baiyue digital release of the positioning in video smart device camera brand.

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