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1, resolution. According to the ability of domestic technology, it has been improved from 640*480 to 1280*720 to 1920*1080 ( from VGA to 720p to 1080p), which is the true resolution but also exit a lot of false. For example, 640*480 can use software to become 1280*960(XVGA). even some 1440*1080, according to current international resolution standard, belongs to Make In China. In my opinion, 640*480 is enough. Because the video took only can see clearly. Of course, if you would use it in travel, you should buy an HD product.

2, at present, 98% of car video recorder sold on the market belongs to domestic make. Don’t listen to the sales who promoted the product from foreign. Because products are neutral ( without a brand, without producing area and manufacturer.)of course, there are very few imported products.

3,According to resolution, 640*480 belongs to 0.3 million pixel, 720p is 1.3million pixel, 1080p is 2 million. But 80% of dash cam produced in China with 0.3 million pixel lens is promoted in HD or ultra HD. At present, the common 1280*960 resolution on the market use 0.3 million pixel lens. 720p and 1080p are the same. It is true that a lot of manufacturers use high pixel sensor for dash cam to improve high-quality. But the dash cam from Korea generally is 640*480 resolution and0.3 pixel.

4, effect. The effect of the dash cam during the day is almost the same on the high definition or original definition. Because the lens sensor in the case of enough light in the daytime the effect is very good through software processing. But the nigh effect is very different, so this is the reason why some dual lens dash cam has IR light. But the function of the IR light is very small. A small IR power can meet the requirement, only as a selling point. Who engaged in the security industry know the number and the size of the IR light of the security surveillance. The IR light of the dash cam can’t compare with it. On the contrary, IR light will lead to color deviation.

5, A lot of HD dash cam is false, because there is not any standard for HD. We only do a base judgment through the interface. Whether HDMI interface has an HD interface can be the judge whether it is an HD dash cam. Anther is compression format. Many using MJPEG (Taiwan chip) bring the poor quality of the image. The picture will have a lot of things like a mosaic, especially when the light is not enough to be more obvious. Professional monitoring is H.264 compression format (such as American chip), the quality will be more delicate and the prices are also high. ( tips: you can look at the compression format when playing in KMPLAYER.)

6, the program of the dash cam is the main chip, like CPU of the computer. At present, the common program is Ambarella, zhuoran, STK, NTK, Linyang, SQ, etc. Differences are the cost, effect, and function. In general, some consumers don’t know about it. You pay what you gain.

7, CCD. At present, there are two types on the market. One is Taiwan F01, anther is Jinjitong 968. both two use the SONY CCD. It is gratifying that there two products, the daytime effect is general, can meet our basic requirements. But at night, low illumination is good, the image isn’t a piece of black at least. We all know that the low illumination of CCD is better than CMOS.

8, the appearance is the mold. You can find that the same appearance has some different price on the internet. Why? Because there is a mold called public mold. There is a PCB broad called public broad. It means that this product only needs that you buy some shell and broad and connect with the screw. This product has a low price, and the after-sales is troublesome. Because you know who produced it.

9, interference. As long as this is an electronic product, there will be electromagnetic radiation, the dash cam is also an electronic product, so that it may interfere. According to a different model, and the different position of the navigator, the different circuit of the car, the interference is also various. If the machine is near the GPS, the interference may be greater. If it is far away, it will not interfere.

4k dash cam : http://www.azdome.hk/product-detail-29-azdome-GS63H-1.html

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