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We often talk this topic of the dash cam, but also a lot of drivers through that it is useless until they encounter an accident. Therefore, much more prepared if and when something happens. So how to select a dash cam to become a big problem for consumers. Don’t worry, let us talk you how to select a dash cam.

We had been careful when driving on the road. In the event of the traffic accident, each driver holds their truth, the traffic policeman don’t know how to distinguish. If you encounter a racketeer, you only can compensate for them. Therefore, a dash cam has become a necessary equipment for every car. All process are recorded into the dash cam, which can prove your innocence. But facing various type dash cam, a lot of that don’t use the dash cam don’t know how to select.
Which dash cam brand is good? How do we select a dash cam? Are the top ten brands of dash cam true? Don't wast the money, if you want to buy a best budget dash cam, this point is very important.

1, look at the workmanship
The workmanship of a product is directly related to the attitude of a brand and the integrity of the customer. How do we distinguish the workmanship of the dash cam? In general, because a fake dash cam uses poor material, so the appearance of the fuselage will relatively poor, especially the connection gap is large, the edge is rough and so on. But the high-end car video recorder with more detail gives us a good feeling.

2, look at the parameter
There are three main parameters of the 4k dash cam, pixel, wide angle, and lens. The pixel determines the clarity of the image, wide angle shoot the range of the image. The quality of the lens is the key, directly affecting whether the image is clear and vivid, whether it can work normally. If the image taken is blurred and it crashes, you will feel angry.

3, look at the cost performance
Everyone wants to buy cost-effective things, parameter and price are considered, how to judge that the price is reasonable? Of course, you should compare a lot of products.

4, look at the reputation
We all know all marchers turgidly promoted, especial in a physical store, the sales will introduce all its advantages and you will feel that you have to buy this product. So it is recommended that you shop online and see the reputation. Although there are a lot of false information, it also has a true reputation that you can refer to.

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