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Generally, such a car video recorder needs to be constructed at the automobile service store. The location of the hidden traveling recorder is very hidden, so that the wiring can affect the beautiful appearance of the car.
Some hidden type traffic recorder, installed in front of the license plate or near the vehicle license plate, is very difficult to detect, and can also take a more direct and direct picture of the accident.

Five advantages of hidden dash cam
1, chip: you’d best to choose the top Novatek 96658 chip
2, vision: at present, the best is 170 degree ultra wide angle, which can give you a comprehensive and safe vision experience.
3, sensor: you’d best to choose the top COMS sensor with HDR and 12 million pixel, video recording and presentation are also very important.
4, lens: the best is Sony six-layer glass lens and a layer IR lens. When it exposes to the sun, it also can ensure the video quality.
5, appearance: it can perfectly combine the original appearance of the car and solves the problem of affecting the beauty of the car in wiring.

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