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With the influence of the rain and fog in autumn, here I remain drivers should adjust their physical condition in time and ensure adequate sleep and strengthen nutrition and exercise to guarantee your driving safety.

Of course, in this case, most of the drivers want to install intelligent rear-view products for their car, so that they can guarantee their driving safety under the influence of season. so today, we talk about the several key points about selecting intelligent rear-view mirror.

A good intelligent rear-view mirror can not have a beautiful appearance, but cannot be without necessary product processes, and the blue light anti-glare mirror is the first prerequisite.
There are two reasons: first, when driving at night, the front dazzle light will affect driving vision. Even the light removed, it will reduce our reflection in 1.4 seconds, so we also felt blind. When at 100km/h, before the driver reflects the front danger, they can drive 40m in 1.4 seconds, so that greatly increase the danger of accident or injury. Second, if you don’t use the rear-view mirror with blue anti-glare, the light from the sun will be absorbed, and the reflectivity will reduce by 40%. with the influence of the strong light, the driver can’t see the display on the navigator or another device, so affect the driving safety.
Through the anti-glare mirror, the reflection light will become a dark light to drivers, which can certainly avoid the correspondent safety problems. If you want to choose a good intelligent rear-view mirror product, blue anti-glare is the necessary choice.

As the most commonly used function, intelligent products should found the meaning. Navigator should include points as following. Check whether it uses Beidou and GPS navigator system. Because it plays a dual role in insurance and accurate. 2, check whether it has the map and scene navigator shown in double screen interaction. 3, check whether it has convenient entertainment for children and doesn’t affect work normally.
These requirements are not high because navigator is a practical function, it is necessary to achieve a full range of controllable to better guarantee driving safety.

Bluetooth telephone
The Bluetooth phone can be very good to deal with the new driving rules in the point policy, but also can free hands, work safety. So a good smart rear view dash cam must also have a very good Bluetooth. 1. It is advisable to connect a plurality of mobile phones conveniently, store a plurality of telephone information, and synchronize the corresponding phone book directly at the next connection. 2. Don’t affect each other's privacy, the phone interface does not affect the normal navigation function, and has full-screen handwritten, intelligent association and other convenient functions. 3. it can Incoming and revealed voice broadcasts and can show the country's home location information.
If it can’t do that, the intelligent concept of intelligent rear-view mirrors makes no sense.

Recording driving process is a popular function. If it can’t achieve careful product optimization in the intelligent rear-view mirror, it must not a good product.
1, lens: the principle of the base product is that doesn’t appear deformation of image or video in some limited condition, because deformation may be a big potential danger.
2, some poor material lens will give drivers some wrong information.
3, the best can record the time, speed, location and other information in detail.

Other function
As good intelligent rear-view mirror products, if it can also add entertainment, speed warning, rain and fog, low-light night vision, simple floating windows and other function, it must be a perfect intelligent rear-view dash cam.

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