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With the influence of the high-temperature, many users and agent reflected that the 3M mount wasn’t firm on rear-view or sucker dash cam.

Manufacturers seek a solution from suppliers in time and researches market. After testing a number of different models of the 3M mount, it is found that the effect of high temperature for a long time is not good. The previous high-temperature tests were short-term tests at rest in the oven, and it was not possible to determine the effect of prolonged exposure and jolting. On the other hand, according to the survey, it is found that sucker dash cam is not firm. Even if the factory cannot solve the technical problem of the 3M mount, it can only find another solution.

There are many factories affecting viscosity, for the 3M mount of the best front and rear dash cam, mainly including temperature, time, pressure. Long time of high temperature can reduce viscosity, the driver can be required that don’t drive the car at high temperature or prevent the car from exposure. This is the reason why 3m mount isn’t firm frequently in summer.

High temperature lead to gum decomposition to produce gas, while the gas between the glue and the expansion of the material will offset the surface pressure, which is why the sucker often fell off.
How to use the most economical and simple method to increase pressure? After the dash cam manufacturer and supplier discuss and test, they put forward the simply, directly and effective method of film.

The adsorption ability of 3M mount to membrane material is much larger than that of glass, and all the tensile force is transferred from the original 2 pieces of 3M adhesive to the whole film. A small patch can solve your big trouble, which is simple and practical.

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