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With the improvement of the living standards and the increasing number of cars, the dash cam has become a necessary electric product for drivers. At this time, how we maintain the dash cam has become a problem. Today, I will give you a brief introduction, I hope to help you.

1, protection of the dash cam lens
The lens is the most important part of the dash cam. When you travel outside, you must equip a UV lens for your front and rear dash cam. Because it can protect your lens in some special location, such as a lake, water space, ski restore, etc. After photographing, as long as clean the UV lens. So UV mirror for the national Day trip is an absolutely necessary device. Once the dash cam lens damaged, the image taken must not be clear, which will result that the truth is not restored.
The dust on the UV mirror should be blown a few times with the ear wash ball, then sweep with the lens brush, and finally use the lens paper to clean the lens, please do not circle wipe. Instead, rub it straight from one side of the lens to the other, and repeat the action again until the UV mirror is cleaned.

2, correctly use the batteries. the current dash cam is generally the use of lithium-ion batteries, when we travel should store the batteries in a dry, cool environment. And try to avoid the battery and general metal items stored together to prevent the occurrence of battery short circuit. Travel easily to make the battery dirty, that may lead to battery "loss", in order to avoid the loss of electricity problems. We must pay attention to keeping the contact points at both ends of the battery and the inside of the battery lid clean.If the surface of the battery is very dirty, then we should use a soft, clean dry cloth gently wipe the surface of the battery, keep the battery clean, so that you can extend your battery power

3, hard protection
Hard protection refers to use hardware to protect your machine. For example, protection lens. When you travel outside, you must equip a UV mirror for your hidden dash cam, which can bring multi-protection for your lens. And you don’t worry use in some special environment.

4, soft protection
high temperature or moisture: if the dash cam often works in this environment, it is easy to damage the circuit and make the dash cam lens moldy. The interior of the lens may sometimes cause damage to the image, more serious, when the higher the air humidity, the video head is easily broken, so that it has a direct impact on the service life of the dash cam.
Smoke: the dash cam should work in a clean environment because it can reduce the pollution. In smoke, the dust will drop on the lens and directly affect the clarity of the images, it is difficult to clean the dust on the gap, besides. The dust will damage the head and tape.
Low temperature: the best budget dash cam works only in conditions of 0-40 degrees Celsius, and many electrical components operate in an abnormal manner at too low temperatures, the head being the first to suffer. Secondly, the CCD sensor and lens. and the use of DV in the low-temperature environment will also cause greater friction between the head, so we should try to avoid taking pictures at low temperature.

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